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  1. CCEX + Changing Overworld Sprite

    Is it possible for Character Creator EX to work alongside changing the overworld Sprite to match with whatever armor set the player picks up? For example, if I allow a player to start by creating their character, then they pick up a suit of armor in game, is it possible for me to then set the...
  2. Update to SRD-Character Creators [27/8] New Eyebrows + Updated Eyes + Cloak

    A problem I'm having with this Character Creation system is when adding a new folder (Lets say Ears for Example) the tab does not show up within the Creator. I have checked and double checked to make sure everything is spelled the same, but no matter what I try, I cannot get the Ears tab to show...

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I am once again escalating in the kitchen. I might or might not be 4 types of cookies into baking and not finished...
Today is a great day!
A bust of my character, Lizzabelle, that I put together in GIMP. I combined the RMMZ generated face with my actual illustration of her. This is just me experimenting with busts. I don't really want to use busts in dialogue, but perhaps in the character menu.

How many people actually like action commands? (Which is pressing a button at the right time during an attack to deal more damage.)
It is a curse and a blessing getting better at javascript after each plugin... Now I am considering changing two previous plugins completely, and they're not small plugins either -.-' Not to mention that I'll add more features... This is why I never manage to release a game, I just keep updating everything I've already done :p

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