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    Need Help with adding custom font.

    The earthbound font, apple_kid
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    Need Help with adding custom font.

    just changing the font source in gamefont.css is not working, it displays a endless "loading" screen when I try to run it.
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    Is there a plugin for MV that lets you make custom title screen buttons?

    What I mean is having custom images for buttons on the title screen, as well as a custom title logo for the game.
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    Problems inserting an animation

    animated gifs aren't supported by MV, you will have to use spritesheets to animate things
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    tank vs firebolt final demo released

    tank vs firebolt final demo released
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    also some sweet music...

    also some sweet music
  8. dumcatguy updates updates
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    cool custom font I made:[IMG]

    cool custom font I made:
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