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    Repeating Boulder Spawn + Collision on Player

    Ah, that makes more sense. Still a bit rusty on eventing, thanks: Note that this way, you'll need to move the snippet for off-screen movement to the parallel event: As this could get bulky with multiple events that need to move off-screen, you could throw the snippets into a one-off...
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    How to watch var value

    In addition to Jonforum's answer, if you're trying to debug a particular script/plugin you can use console.log(); from the script to print to the console. You can also access the various global vars ($gamePlayer, $gameMap, $gameVariables...) and all related functions and data directly from...
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    How To Prohibit Interactions Until Done Moving?

    Good question. The key piece in the above snippet is this part: $gamePlayer.canStartLocalEvents = function() { return this.canInteractWithEvents && !this.isInAirship(); }; This is an existing function in the Game_Player class. The default looks like this...
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    Knights Tour Puzzle

    This sounds like a really cool puzzle idea, though likely a bit tricky to implement. In terms of the movement, maybe something like this? Then you would need out of bounds checks so the player has to stay in the grid, collision triggers on each tile to mark the visited tiles, and pass/fail...
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    Repeating Boulder Spawn + Collision on Player

    It's an optimization so Game_Character instances don't move around offscreen on large maps, which could cause lag. Since it's based on a check for how near the object is to the screen, it can be disabled on a per-event basis. Put this script at the top of the events you want to continue...
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    How To Prohibit Interactions Until Done Moving?

    This is a bit kludgy, but you can add a script before the move route that disables player interaction altogether: $gamePlayer.canInteractWithEvents = false; $gamePlayer.canStartLocalEvents = function() { return this.canInteractWithEvents && !this.isInAirship(); }; Then after the move...
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    Repeating Boulder Spawn + Collision on Player

    To illustrate Andar's example:
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    Eric's Day Off

    @Titan_12 - Thank you so much~! What happened in the inn is left to your imagination XD. Let's just say it was a very small tent... The main characters (Eric, Brenda and Terence's DS sprites) I made myself, the Pirates and the Maid are from the DS resource pack ^^.
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Day 4 of 28! Very late post due to some things, but today was mainly spent scripting a menu interface and trying to get as much done as I could after a busy day ;n;
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Day 3 of 28! More scripting - focusing on trying to develop an alternative to the way Ace handles equipment (the static etype_id array is so weird :S) for an equipment/customization system that will also be the basis for character classes. Also more work trying to layer Scenes to create a more...
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    You should work on whatever project strikes your fancy in a given moment ^^. Stretching yourself...

    You should work on whatever project strikes your fancy in a given moment ^^. Stretching yourself thin trying to accommodate everyone won't help anyone; especially you!
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    Eric's Day Off

    Merci beaucoup ^^! It was inspired both by a friend of mine (because of Bravely Default if I'm not mistaken) and by feedback on my initial release. Glad you liked it~!
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Day 2 of 28! Updating in the wee hours due to having to delay working on RM stuff a bit. Today was also mainly spent scripting, more work on a character optimization system that still needs a ton of work ><; Also, much rotating of things. Well, not a ton - but I was glad to have the Sprite...
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    Eric's Day Off

    XDD That's fantastic! Definitely putting it in my signature, if you don't mind ^^.
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    Eric's Day Off

    @palladinthug - Thanks! I fixed up the passability error in a later version - not sure whether I uploaded it though :S. The encounter rate is, I agree, much too high - I introduced an Encounter Rate option to the menu to allow the player to set it to their own pace/preference ^^. The boulder...

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