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    Single TP Bar

    Got it. I'll put that in once I'm out of school! EDIT: Just tried the new script you added out, but it did not work. Here's lines 406-424 after I put in your code: alias use_item_unison_item use_item def use_item(item) # Rewritten to pay unison skill cost unless...
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    Single TP Bar

    Right sorry bout that. The battle engine I'm using is Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine, which you can find here: The script I'm using for the unison skills is DoubleX's RMVXA Unison Skills/Items script, which you can find...
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    Single TP Bar

    Ok so I fiddled around with the script and noticed something. The skills I use for TP require 2 or more party members. For example, when the Bar reaches 200 TP, Members A and B could use a TP skill that attacked the enemy with high damage. However, what I noticed was that the script decreases...
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    Single TP Bar

    Oh wait! I tried running the game and the bar showed up! I'm not sure why it wouldn't show up before, but it's here now. I'll update this thread if I have any problems.
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    Single TP Bar

    I went on and added the script in, but the bar hasn't showed up. Been using Battle Tests to see if it appears but it hasn't. I have "Display TP Bars" on, and all the party members have "Preserve TP" on their classes. I also changed the settings a tiny bit. I set RANDOM_TP_START and GENERATE_TP...
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    Single TP Bar

    Bump number idk lol I really hope this doesn't get drowned over other threads in 3 seconds lol I'm really bad at scripting with VX Ace, so that's why I'm askin for help here
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    Single TP Bar

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    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    I just have a quick question about this. How do we submit our game? I should be able to finish the demo of my game before the 15th, but where would I submit it?
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    RMVXA Weapon Side-Quest Idea

    This ^^ Also I actually did some digging trying to get together a quest system for this idea, but I'm pretty sure my idea was too specific since all the quest system and quest logs scripts that I found were either too confusing or weren't specific enough. Still wanted to implement this in some...
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    Single TP Bar

    bump 3
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    Single TP Bar

    bump 2
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    Single TP Bar

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    Single TP Bar

    Figured I give this question its own thread. I'm looking for a script that creates a single TP Bar above the party that shows the total amount of TP accumulated. The bar would look something like the bars from Galv's Battle Favour script, the only difference is that there's only 1 for the party...
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    Teamwork Battle Mechanic?

    bump Still looking for a script that adds a single TP Bar above the party
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    Quest System Script Help

    I've tried for a few hours getting my Quest System to work properly, but nothing works. For whatever reason, I can't turn in any of the quests I've finished. The quest I've set up requires you to gather 5 weapon shards. To test it I set up an event that gives you 5 weapon shards, no matter what...

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