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    IMPORTANT! People that have been using Kaus's "Asteria Tileset" DO NOT USE IT!!

    I honestly am friends with him on Facebook. we talked ONCE (a year ago,maybe?). I added him because he's also a member of a certain RM-related facebook group. Now i know why he kept posting pictures of new gadgets / consoles / toys / other stuff being delivered to his doorstep almost...
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    Simple Title Screen

    This is just what i'm looking for. Is it possible to add an "exit" / "quit" button? Thank you!
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    Menu Fade to Black Plugin

    @izyees this didn't work for me; though it did change something. after i exit the menu, the screen would quickly go black and slowly fade out. @Milena i will try out this one. looking at the video i noticed that the creator of the tutorial is a good friend of mine. -_- i should've asked him...
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    Menu Fade to Black Plugin

    Hello guys, Right now, when entering the main menu, the menu kind of just pops out from nowhere. Same thing happens when exiting - it disappears rather abruptly. Galv has this plugin wherein the menu crossfades from the main game screen and vise versa; but now that i have a custom menu...
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    DoubleX RMMV Linked Battlers

    Awesome. I plan a huge boss for my first level composed of multiple body parts. :D  ..Thanks!
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    Iavra Splash Video

    Nice plugin! One suggestion is the possibliity to have more than one video playing after another. But anyway, thanks! :)
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    My team's game is starting to reveal itself bit by bit! :D Hi guys, JC here. Team lead and Co-founder of DustyCat Media. Here's an early screenshot of our current game in development (up for a Kickstarter campaign in around January or February): The treasure box, the ghoul, the statue, and...
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    December Goals & Progress Thread

    It's been a very, very long time since i posted in a progress thread. I have nothing much to show except for a slight hint -- both in my profile picture and my sig. :D It's a game that i originally created using a dos-based RPG engine over five or six years ago. Me and a close friend have...
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    VE - Character Frames

    Thanks for the plugin! Two questions: 1. My sprites are 96x96 (not 48x48); and i tried this plugin but it didn't work. Does this support sprites larger than 48x48? 2. Is this compatible with your diagonal movement plugin? Thanks!
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    VE - Diagonal Movement

    Hello Victor, Awesome plugin! One thing i noticed is that whenever the hero walks diagonally right from the start (ie standing still then directly walking diagonally), the hero will walk straight to the right / left a bit first before actually walking diagonally. Is this intentional? But...
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    ..still deciding if my team's game's Kickstarter campaign should be launched this December. do...

    ..still deciding if my team's game's Kickstarter campaign should be launched this December. do the holidays really affect a campaign's success? :/
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    ..yeah,although that's not the mobile network that i use. i use either "globe" or "smart"...

    ..yeah,although that's not the mobile network that i use. i use either "globe" or "smart". ..maybe you could upload the apk itself in your website as well, as an alternate download for those outside the region limitations. :D
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    ..the Philippines. ..currently have a class (i'm a professor) hence i wanna try the mobile...

    ..the Philippines. ..currently have a class (i'm a professor) hence i wanna try the mobile version first. :D
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    Prettier Gauges

    I have the same issue as well. I'm guessing Moogle_X coded the bar differently, so it's more like it's up to him to edit his bar to be compatible with this one; and not the other way around (i think!)
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    ..region locked; specifically the mobile version. :(

    ..region locked; specifically the mobile version. :(

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