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  • So my sister invited me to go to her home, she is pregnant for like almost 9 months and wants me to be present before she labour. I won't be able to send the game footage this week-end sadly. But I will later.. I just gonna take some time to see my family and be present for them. I kinda need that
    I have notice the limitations of the RPG maker program on nintendo switch version.

    •You can't add new frames.
    •You can't add plugins.
    •You can't copy paste scripts.
    •All dialogues must be written on the switch. (The most painful thing)

    And the items frames are kinda limited too.

    But I can make games with it, I just have few aesthetics problem with the frames.
    In my free time I write, and I have made few stories that can be possible to work on it.

    My main goal is to be able to craft my story telling skill.

    So my game won't be lacking some details or have stuff that doesn't seem to matter much.

    I try to be versatile.
    @BenSD I may not have been a writer like you but I also had the same realization when I quit making comics and started to pursue game dev.
    Well I draw too, its funny because I have a big passion for drawing but I never extended my talent. I just love making worlds and create things. It's just doing comics alone is kinda exausting, I did few back when I was 17 years old. I was a member of a manga club. Do commissions and draw alot back then. It was one of a life time experience.
    @Dwesper I agree making comics by myself was exhausting and I didn't have as much story progression as I would have liked. For some reason I was able to finish two bigger game (one 6 hours and the other 2 hours long) and four game jam games but couldn't finish one comic series.
    I will get a computer pretty soon.

    And few asked that I show the game I send in the forum of RPG maker on the nintendo switch.

    I will work on that and make a video of the game.

    Also I have a new job, so I am pretty busy.

    But will send a video next week.
    My game is now in the monthly pick in the forum of the nintendo switch.

    I never expected that it would be to this level.

    Now I should make a ending, come to think of it.
    I thinking about what to put next in my games.

    Right now I have a horror themed game.

    A pirate game.

    And a big adventure game that is yet to be finished.

    I don't really know where to continue, but I guess I'll find a way.
    I send my game to the forum of the RPG maker Switch community and got 5 stars.

    Looks like playing has a pirate is a good idea.
    I updated my game. Now you can eat a cake to heal your HP and SP, but it have only 4 half.
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    How do you have 4 halves of something?
    I place a variable in the script. So each time you ate one slice of cake, it will reach +1 Slice of cake.

    Until it reach 4.
    @HexMozart88 I don't know, I feel like I'm seeing double.

    I've always liked that idea of an item having a small amount of uses instead of one use. Slices of cake are further easily grokkable, which is awesome.
    One thing I come to realise, is that I lack concentration to keep myself focused on making the game.

    I should stop drinking too much coffee.

    Maybe it will clear my attention spend.

    Otherwise, I think I am just a bit unexperienced and it must be pretty normal.
    As a teetotaller, I support the idea of a decrease in coffee! In all seriousness, it might help. BTW, does caffeine make you jittery or help you feel focused?

    There are tricks to help concentration, like using the pomodoro technique. Also cutting the project down into very small bits so you can focus on small things instead of a big thing that gets overwhelming.
    You right, cutting a project in small pieces is more efficient, then just go big and not making it.

    I just practice making a game or two, but I figure the real deal is to keep the work progressing while time is ticking.
    I basically took a break from making my games.

    My 3 actual games are taken a toll of my time and it is kinda hard to finish a game by one week.

    I think my games gonna take like few months before being finished.

    My scary game is evolving though.

    Maybe next week I will add more puzzles in it.
    It's hard to stay motivated!
    Making games is tough, maybe you could hone in and finish one game if you are almost done with it. Although taking the day to indulge in some recreational activities (watching that TV show, reading or playing video games) could help too.
    Yeah, I definitely look forward to get inspired.

    Thanks for the advices
    I have finaly created a vilain in my horror game, but I am thinking about how to rename him right now.

    His temporary name is Lucien Blackwell.

    He is the mansion's owner.

    And he is not quiet the good person.

    His backstory is kinda sad too.

    He lost his daughter in a accident and become obsessed with magic and sorcery.

    What he did was unacceptable to accomplish.

    Well, I'll stop here.

    More update will follow.
    I decided to add more charaters to my scary game..

    Right now there is Richard the mysterious detective in the poker room.

    Layla the crying ghost, on the verada.

    And Sally the demon girl, that is in mirror dimension.

    Each character will be a part of the second puzzle to be solve.

    And I add them to create interactions.

    Which was lacking profondly in the game.
    I updated my scary game.

    Now you can teleport through mirrors, and go back to the main room that you started in.

    I give more healing items, because the enemies are hard.

    There is now a boss at the ending.

    More updates will follow.
    I have done 50% of a side story in my game where you can travel in a ship and fight a kraken.

    The only thing that is missing is purpose.

    Like a dungeon to find or a way to use money..
    So I now know how to use R and put some numbers in the encounters.

    Which is useful.

    But now I wonder how to build a ship properly..

    And the thing is I did build one already, but my character pass through the ship and walk on the ocean.
    Post in the forum if you are asking for help
    Hey there,

    So I stop posting too much.

    I have decided to post daily some subject in the general discussion.

    So anyone can go read their prefered subject.
    I already posted something today, which is cool to discuss.
    For tomorrow, I think I might discuss about
    How to make a plot compeling.
    Like what is better to add in the story.
    That's what I think for tomorrow.
    Have a good day!
    So I am making a ship, any subjections to name it?

    I think maybe Firebird, or Midnight Owl.

    I am open to hear yours! :)
    Is it possible to create a ship in map format? I am struggling to make the ship and it a pain. I think I need blue prints for that map because I tried 3 times.

    I'll thank you all in advance.
    there's a free ship tileset for MV, something from kadokawa celebration for 1million sales. try check freebies.
    Found it, but I have to set all the tileset by myself. I am like not an expert but I will try to arrange it...

    Is there a tutorial for that?
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so, for like the entire duration of me working on my game, I've wanted to see how possible it is to make SOME kind of turn based team fighting game and if I can pull off what's in my notes, I think I'll be satisfied.
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