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    Instant Turn Battle

    @Doktor_Q Sorry for the late reply, for some reason i didnt got the notification for your post. The plugin is just perfect, does exactly what i had in mind. I cant thank you enough :)
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    Call script for current char level...

    @Aloe Guvner, Thanks a lot, this ${$gameParty.members()[0].level} worked perfectly :)
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    Call script for current char level...

    Hey guys, What's the call script for current character level ? I was able to find ${$gameParty.leader().maxLevel()} which shows max level 120.... but something like ${$gameParty.leader().currentLevel()} which supposed to return 110 in this example, it returns an ERROR. I searched everywhere and...
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    Instant Turn Battle

    @Doktor_Q , Thanks for the reply, I tested this and it worked just fine with DTB... Now my only problem remains how to get my units act in the order I want (or a battle situation demands). I guess I could do some placement tweaks through formation menu, but still its not a perfect solution.
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    Instant Turn Battle

    Hey guys, I'v been playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (android game) and I liked the combat system there... I have been looking for a plugin that could create the battle mechanics from that game and ITB is the best I was able to find. However, is it possible to select which battle party...

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thanks to a lot of lunatic coding... my game finally has a stun mechanic that I feel really good about. damage enemy's mental psyche (mp), and once empty, hitting with certain attacks trigger combos that can stack the damage.
Waiting for the 1.40 update before testing out my copy of MZ so that I don't end up adding unnecessary work to my plate. Meanwhile the current fourth draft for my story is taking shape, and I'm fleshing out the lore as I realize how things would make better sense here and there for the world that I'm building.
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Just found out about your complications. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I wish I could do something substantial for you, but our distance from each other makes that an impossibility. Still, if you ever need to talk or vent, I'm here.
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I don't know, if any words will help right now, but here is a hug. And my offer to help you with Escalia, if you ever want or need help with it. Tiles or mapping especially.
MZ weather + title screen update is here! (Also includes MZ and MV RETRO demo project updates)

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