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    Mouse System

    Absolutely fantastic plugin! One question: would it be possible to assign words to icons? For example if I often use icon 4 for talking, it would be easier to write <hover_icon: talk> insted of <hover_icon: 4> all the time. Thanks!
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    RMMZ LAUDANUM - a Delirium adventure (Demo)

    Thank you so much for trying it! It's still more of a prototype, I just wanted to test out the gameplay, the verb-interface whether it is smooth and fun to play or not. The mapping, dialogue and sounds are going to be fleshed out substantially. Also, the bugs are going to be squashed. But you...
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    Show Icon while hovering over Event

    That would be awesome and definitely a game changer (no pun intended) for me. Thank you very much for giving me hope!
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    RMMZ LAUDANUM - a Delirium adventure (Demo)

    THE STOIC OPPOSITION presents LAUDANUM - a Delirium adventure THE STORY One day a young woman wakes up to realize that his father is missing. As she founds out, his father contracted the plague and was transported to the local hospital, while she must remain in a quarantine. Avoiding...
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    Show Icon while hovering over Event

    Hi! With MV we had Galenmereth's Mouse System EX for changing the cursor/showing an icon while hovering over an event. With MZ, registering hovering is natively implemented into the engine, so my question would be: how would it be possible to show an icon with the cursor while hovering over an...
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    RMMZ Set height of Window_EventItem (RMMZ)

    Thank you so much! It worked perfectly! I also reverted the core script change, thanks for the tip!
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    RMMZ Set height of Window_EventItem (RMMZ)

    Hi! I recently started porting my MV game into MZ and here is the problem: I wanted the "Select Item" window to have 3 instead of 2 columns, so I opened rmmz_windows.js and modified into 3. This worked, but now the Select Item window shows an extra row (I have 9 items) and I don't know how to...
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    Conditional "Show Choices" (hide or disable choices)

    Hey! Could someone make this plugin compatible with MZ? I find this plugin to be the easiest to use.
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #3: Character Generator, Plugin Manager, Event: Plugin Command!

    For me, the powered up plugin commands are the doorway to 2 possibilities, both mentioned by others in this thread: complex and powerful third party systems, and basically editable editor (even if its only the event command list). For these 2 possibilities I gladly browse through 200 plugin...
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    But autotiles in A will work the same way? So for example I can't put a barrell in A1 because it still functions as an autotile, right?
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    So according to the main and steam site and the announcements of this week and last week, the next reveal is going to be the character generator and the plugin features... And after that, there is nothing else listed. Maybe release date is sooner than expected, @Touchfuzzy ? Also for those who...
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    Your Next Adventure Awaits: RPG Maker MZ Trailer #1

    So does this mean that there will be also other new features discussed in depth next week? :o
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    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Well, Touchfuzzy said that So I think you can use any tile tab on any layer.
  14. dyoghenes

    No window drawn on phone

    Hi! I recently uploaded my game to in html5 format. I tried to launch it on my phone (Pixel 2 XL), and it doesn't draw any windows (text, menu, etc.). The namebox from yanfly's plugin is working. Anybody has any idea why this happens and how to fix it? *Drawn. Sorry.
  15. dyoghenes

    CGMV Professions

    Everything works great now, thank you very much! :)

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