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  • I haven't been able to do a lot lately... So much stress now that I have to take over my colleague's work.
    Don't do it?
    Don't take over my colleague's work, you mean? i don't have much of a choice, I'm afraid. He's leaving the company tomorrow, and I'm the only other Webdeveloper here.
    It might be stressful but I believe you can hang in there. I wish, I could sound more encouraging but I don’t really know how to phrase it, regardless I wish you well.
    Long weekend coming up after I finish this workday. Maybe I should seize this chance to finally create something instead of just writing.
    Theme naming is hard. Why do so few Catalan names sound cool? How is "Necromancer Donat" supposed to sound threatening?
    New idea: crystallized monsters. Nearly immune to physical damage and magic, but vulnerable to bombs. Gonna write that into my game.
    Hum, crystalline monsters - depending on things, you might want to consider making them a bit less invulnerable to bludgeoning damage. Cracking crystals with a hammer is a viable thing, too.
    Hm... I think I could consider that. There is one character that uses blunt weapons at the point where you first encounter them. Perhaps I'll include it.
    Sitting at work with nothing to do, wish I could work on something other than writing to spend the time...
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If you're an artist of illustrations, you're doing fine.
If you're an artist of writing, you're doing fine.
If you're an artist of programming, you're doing fine.
But if you are all three above (and more) you cannot allow any distractions in your life.
Anyone had school furniture?
After working out some initial confusion, I managed to get Yanfly's Improved Battlebacks successfully working on a test battle, changing the battleback and getting it to scroll during combat. This means that I can have graphically dynamic battles on moving platforms, like the roof of a train or the deck of a ship/airship...
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