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    it actually works. But, I forgot to explain about the multiplier... i will explain it Bonus damage is based on the difference between...
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    Ed19 replied to the thread Damage Formulas 101.
    I would like to make a skill that deals additional damage based on the difference between the actor's ATK multiplier and the enemy's ATK...
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    Terms of Service These resources are created for RPG Maker MV by Kadokawa. You need to own a legal licence for this particular RPG...
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    If the game's involving different timelines / scene(s), I could make the main character always playable, and you could make the other...
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    Hi, I'm sorry for a late reply, because I don't have internet on these past few days, the character is well done!
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    Name: Eden Gender: Male Age: Adult (Around 25-27) Skin Colour: 5 (tan) Hair Colour and Style: Black (Medium) Eye Colour and Shape...

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Im free today . finally have some time to continue coding . yes!
Regret that I wasn't able to actually finish my igmc entry in time for the actual igmc. Will probably just offload it as a standalone thing.
I'm a master in procrastination and have finally decided to educate people in this art in a seminar in Calais. Please don't come. I won't be there.
Testing some of my custom battlers (they're all trash, sorry).

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