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    Since I'm back again and this thread is alive again. I would like to share my recent composition. Download Link : Youtube Preview ...
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    Ed19 replied to the thread Neka Music Resources.
    Hi there, you can credit me as : Ed19 / Neka Music.

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gonna record the beginning of my game if anyone is interested in seeing it message me for the link it's going to be unlisted on youtube
Dev stream today, come on by and ask questions about rpg maker!
Fun fact: If your story introduces a variety of different races, the "human race" will automatically become the most corrupt race in general.
Finally finished my late start entry for the jam. Now. I. Sleep.
Just made 3 easy, simple and small MZ plugins today(12 hours straight), and I never thought I could ever do this.
Now I feel myself being very productive, even though I know I'm just utterly flattering myself lol

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