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  • Andar is not kidding about backing up. Almost lost two hours of mapping just now. Got real, real lucky.
    Yup. I have so many backup settings in my project that my changes are backed up even before I save the script files.
    Also important: Make sure that your backups are working by restoring them every once in a while.
    I started to panic, because I went to save it, and it told me one of the maps couldn't save. Since I didn't need that map, I figured I'd just delete it. I didn't think about the fact that the map underneath would also get deleted. Thankfully, since it wasn't saving, I just opened up the project in a new window, saw I only lost one event, and re-saved it. That time without issue.
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Who would have thought making interesting birds would be so difficult/fun?

Randomly spawning anywhere on map (sometimes even flying), having a chance of landing on a different spot on map when flying. Also chance of flying off screen if spooked/sees the player

I think I got it!
Since I started in this world of make games, It's hard for me to enjoy playing a game. It's like, coding and make it work, sounds like I'm playing and have fun o_O
Not sure if it's true (and I won't judge or blame anyone if it is, really), but I heard from confident sources that you guys (and girls) really really like to
How is this new year for everyone? Hope you are well. Still deep in Covid in the US. Its like a vampire and refuses to die with even more strains. I need some holy water to kill it with.
in my game, what's known as HeadSpace is combining with the real world...

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