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    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    I can get Diet Coke with Lime. Which is where I first tried it, and for me, it makes Diet Coke palatable. At this point, though, I find it easier to just stick to water. Less temptation to switch up the soda from diet to regular.
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    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    At this point, I've pretty much given up soda, except for a very rare treat. (I had one whole glass of Coke at Easter.) But I like Vanilla Coke. My favorite is Coke with Lime, but you can only get that (as far as I can tell) in those fancy machines where you can pick any of like 200 Coke...
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    Has Anyone Made Their Game Bug-Free?

    My game is completely bug free. Oh, wait, you meant while I was awake? :guffaw:
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    Your Favorite Shop for Computing part (POLL)

    As my day job is managing datacenters, I'm usually buying things from the manufacturers. Or from a select group of resellers. As for personal stuff, I'm pretty lame. Bought my desktop from Best Buy (It was on sale $200 off) and my wife's laptop from the Microsoft store, because it was almost...
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    Mapping the night away.

    Mapping the night away.
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    [Improvement] Tie Attributes to Actor instead of Class

    So you want the option, like in D&D where you get to add to a stat every four levels, etc. Which is independent of the Class you choose.
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    [Improvement] Enemies as Actors

    Forgive me for not understanding, but I'm still new. Would a use for this to be something like: I create a single enemy type on the list, but then when inserting a specific enemy I can at the time of creating that event grant that instance levels? So, for example, I have an enemy type Orc...
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    Region Layer

    Sometimes you have to have a feature, get it's use down pat and for people to work with it for a while before you can figure out how to make it more user friendly. I'm still too new to judge, but this seems like a way to make more customization take less overall work. I don't really see the...
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    The pains of writing a story...

    @Moonport I haven't started "writing" a game as of yet. At the moment, I'm focusing on just learning the ropes. That said, while I'm taking the time to learn the program/system that is RPGMaker, I'm also brainstorming on ideas/projects I'll want to take on after I'm done with this...
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    Working on the same project with multiple devices

    @NextLevelGinger I was just contemplating this, so glad someone else asked the same thing. @Kes do you manually copy to dropbox, or do you have a script you run to copy the files. I tried drag and drop on the whole project folder, and when I got to the other PC and unpacked...files didn't all...
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    How good your English grammar?

    The "haves and have nots" is a case where you pluralize have. It's very uncommon case, but yes, in this case you would add the s to have. @Mister.Right Your concept of non count nouns is actually more complex than it first seems. Let's take the example of hair: You don't actually count the...
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    Tile not working as expected.

    Ok, just did a bit more testing. I think I got it now. Thanks for the explanation. I had assumed I could just use a Stair tile, but that's not an option. So. Note to self, need to use ladders to go up and down, and as well, need to make sure a map has downfacing spaces that are accessible...
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    Tile not working as expected.

    @Sharm Yes, I can only get onto them from "below" the tile. (And can only leave the same way.) I didn't have a wall tile below it, just assuming (I know, bad things those assumptions) that I would not be able to get on it at all without a ladder or stairs, etc. I expected to have to use an...
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    Tile not working as expected.

    Running MV. Still just working on some maps. I'm using everything at the moment out of the box. No modifications to anything yet. I don't quite understand this particular bit of terrain. From every other side, I can't walk onto it. But from the bottom, I can. I had set it up as my...
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    Sharm, I was already in college by the time the original show came out. I watched the movie...

    Sharm, I was already in college by the time the original show came out. I watched the movie with my sons the day it came out. Have to say, the movie was fun. I thought they did a good job.

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