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  • Hello there!
    I'm also making a game, but it's gonna be based off of Dynasty Warriors, so thanks for the resources!
    Just a question, where are your tilesets? I've been looking for them and I can't find them.

    Thanks again!
    Hey there!
    I am making a game set in ancient China / feudal Japan in MV. So your resources are a godsend  :D

    Thank you very much. I hope you'll keep them coming, I'll be following your thread.

    Do you by any chance know where to find more appropriate MV resources, also tile sets and such? :)


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So Deltarune Chapter 2 is supposed to release today... if it's out already, has anyone played it? And I can't because I have a stinking Mac and not a Windows PC.
I forgot that forums have profile walls that you can post or comment on, guess I found a new platform to specifically rant about game-related deranged thought or problems that I have. Salut mes amis!
I couldn't help myself, so I edited the tiles a bit and made a birdhouse :LZSsmile: I hope I will finish the town today!Screenshot 2021-09-17 134349.png
How do I find the threads I have watched? It's been so long I've forgotten :kaoswt:
So far, this is how the wall tileset its looking in-editor. :kaoswt2:
Still thinking on details to add.

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