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    RMMV Spellzone

    Lot of it, and all by yourself? Respect man! I'm in Holmberg's castle, who's that dead girl in a coffin? She looks around 21-25 years old.
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    RMMV Spellzone

    I trust those busts in main menu are just temporary, maybe for debugging purposes, but let me tell about my feelings about that vision of battle interface. Color composition and plant / nature theme looks good, but it doesn't match to main hero nature and kind of spell he uses. I read on your...
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    The Riddler appears

    Hi guys, I'm Edward, but you can call me Eddy, or Riddler, pleased to meet you and enjoy RPG Making. :)
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    RMMV Spellzone

    I had a lot of dilemma to register and post something about this game, but I have decided to say something about this project. Things I like: + In general, maps, how well done are made using just default RTP with some freebies. + Music selection, fits well for environment, but on long run might...

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