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    Mastering the tile editor, How to Copy and Manipulate Auto-Tiles

    I forgot about the power this method wields, very useful and effective. The process is a lot like parallax mapping in a sense (without having to go through all the trouble and using a separate image editor of course).
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    Celianna's Tileset

    I know!! the shading and colour overall in these tiles just feels so rich and vibrant and punchy - it's like chocolate for the eyeballs :wub:
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    Ace Generator Add-on Parts(Now with Face Parts!)

    Great idea Lunara, it's something I never really noticed until you demonstrated how much better the colours could be with a little bit hue adjustment and colour matching (and whatever other magic you used) what a difference! I'm beginning to see the potential of this character generator. With...
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    Hi there!

    Glad to have someone with your skills and knowledge as part of the community. I look forward to learning from you.
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    Long day at work, time to escape...

    Long day at work, time to escape...
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    Ever wish there was a definitive RGSS(x) Guidebook?

    Thanks to everyone who is supportive of this and to klandaghi for taking the initiative on creating a home for this, now the overwhelmingness begins ;) I have signed up for it as well, I will attempt to setup a general framework for content to help keep it on the rails, but of course I am sure...
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    Ever wish there was a definitive RGSS(x) Guidebook?

    I agree, this is probably the best way forward.
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    Your best excuses to ditch work/school tomorrow..

    @Archeia and AstoXx If only the database items were real, I would whip you up a mega potion - it would fully cure your headache and ailments, but you would just have to deal with temporary loss of MP for a little while if that's ok... PS - What happened to the Rage Comics?! I loved those too...
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    Ever wish there was a definitive RGSS(x) Guidebook?

    This is a good idea, really the ultimate goal is to have a one-stop shop (very much like this forum is in an overall resource way) that is focused and more or less like the ultimate "toolbox" for RGSS scripters (advanced and those still learning).
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    It's finally here!! *extended guitar solo*

    It's finally here!! *extended guitar solo*
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    Your best excuses to ditch work/school tomorrow..

    I gotta say I'm really proud of you guys, such morals, such upstanding citizens, such a sense of's ok your secret is safe with me ;) (I know you're just writing that in case your boss creeps your profile online). HAPPY LAUNCH DAY EVERYONE!!! :P
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    Ace is here :)

    The most magical 217MB my HD has awaited in a long time - it's almost all here...*yelp*
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    Ever wish there was a definitive RGSS(x) Guidebook?

    Yeah the focus at this point would just be to complete a master version before worrying about translation of course.Having said that, in my mind this project isn't about posting pre-made script scenarios or even situation-specific tutorials (there are plenty of threads and forums for that...
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    Ever wish there was a definitive RGSS(x) Guidebook?

    Heh, that was fast I like your enthusiasm :)

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