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  • So, the other day i come across to became closer to other developers and realiza im not even a novice. i am lower than thrash rigth now, worse than people that don´t know anything about this things cause i used to think i knew. good news is; today thrash, tommorrow, maybe not so much, and someday, i´ll be a god?
    As long as you use all of that realization to keep pushing forward and learning, and don't get hung up on your 'level' or anything, you'll be fine XD I had a moment like yours, earlier this year. It made me realize a few things, and I've benefited from it.
    So, to clear up things, this section is to speak about personal life stuff and such? or maybe upload game content?
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Yo Ho Ho... Time flies when you are having rum...

I'm rewatching Glee, just watched grilled cheesus.
Now I'm not sure if I'm hungry or I want to cry.
I just completed Ara Fell - completing the game unlocks an Epilogue. An interesting thing to possibly consider for my games.
I decided to try to make a mucha-styled artwork, and by now I've sunk more time in studies and sketches than I usually do in the whole thing. Fingers crossed it's worth it!

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