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  1. Congratulations and good luck from a random person on the internet! I just finished my Ph.D. in...

    Congratulations and good luck from a random person on the internet! I just finished my Ph.D. in December, so I know what you're about to go through.
  2. Equipment Learning

    any help with my problem from above?  With Yanfly Equip Engine Ace, it doesn't ever show all of the available skills that a player has from his equips (like in your screenshot), only by equip when a particular equip is highlighted.  Thanks.
  3. Game Data Protection Methods

    Sure. I didn't mean that the bad design meant they didn't like the game. Obviously if they're going through the trouble to hack the game and cheat, they are interested in playing your game. But.. maybe that just means your design needed to be tweaked, rather than thrown out? I don't know...
  4. Game Data Protection Methods

    People only do this kind of "hack" to improve their enjoyment of the game. It doesn't hurt you, so you should probably let them have it. The methods to prevent it are difficult, anyway. The bigger question you should ask is, "If someone went through the trouble to hack my game to change their...
  5. Equipment Learning

    Thanks for the script! Seems much better than Fomar’s or Yanfly’s implementations. I have a problem, when using this script with Ace Equip Engine, the learnable skills don’t appear in the little window in Scene_Equip. This is assuming, of course, that the proper weapon/armor is equipped, the...

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I should finish the cat video I'm editing and finish the indesign stuff. So far only 1 is done and 4 to go
Made a video showcasing 56 plugins I've installed and used in the first 5 minutes of my game. (No battle related plugins involved.) :LZScheeze:

being able to transition music seamlessly is amazing. my main character's theme has lyrics and it goes from vocal version to istrumental when he leaves his room. and vice versa. and thanks to a plugin, the transition is seamless. I love it.

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