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  • I don't want to necro an old post, but I wanted to say thank you for the answer you gave in this post. It helped me build a parallel-event culling system for optimizing my game's performance.
    Last time I do a game jam like this. It's very stressful not to give up. Next time only if I have a better time.
    (Almost sure my game is full of bugs :( )
    Eli, where is the link of your entry?
    I send it but removed it. It was not a clean project to send, too many bugs/mistakes.
    I debug everything complex but forgot about the beginning, and there was a crash at the beginning of the game xD
    So I remove it from there.
    Awwww. I would collect the brazilian ones to make a post in our communities. Sad!
    Hey, thanks for taking the time to look at my project. My apologies for not knowing how to send you the project via the Forums... I don't see anywhere to attach a file. I can share it using Google Drive if you give me an email address, otherwise tell me how to share it in the forums here.
    You're posting on Eliaquim's profile, which is public - everyone can see that you wrote this. If you instead use the Start Conversation link, that's a private message you can post a link to your file on Google Drive in (for that matter, you can simply do that in a forum post if you want anyone to give you feedback).
    Thanks so much for reaching out and letting me know. Obviously I am not a regular on the Forums :wink:
    Gosh... Don't know if I will make it to IGMC. I wish at this time I was ending the Menus and going to build the game.
    But... I'm still developing the battle system... o_O
    Maybe considder to deactivate/remove the battle sytem?
    Are Puzzles not more fun anyways? :kaothx:
    "Developing the battle system", omg, I feel something big coming!
    I'll make it just to make it, just to be there and "hey, I was there..." LOL.
    Keep Makering your game, it does not need to be a full full complete game.
    @Bex unfortunately the battle system is really important. :(
    @misterdovah Yeah. I need to keep going until the end. ^^
    Wish I had less social life right now xD
    Gosh. Have been collected the requests and bug fixes I need to make on my plugins on trello. Has been two days that I can't access trello :s
    Sério? Aqui o Trello segue normal mano! Funciona em conta diferente?
    Cara eu acho que é alguma coisa da minha internet. Nem aplicativos/sites de banco to conseguindo acessar hoje. =/
    • Sad
    Reactions: Myzhuk
    The difference between using the recursive function to parse plugin parameters VS Manually parsing:
    Will only use the recursive way on beta/creating plugins now ^^''
    And although I have a little more work when it comes to struct and/or array parameters, it is a lot faster.
    @C64_Mat At least on my plugins that I was using that method, it speed up a lot the loading time when starting the game. I manage to find that via DevTools > Performance > Recording Page Load.
    There I find that my function was consuming a lot of time on the Scripting part.
    Aha, so it turns out, I had already been doing it manually all along! I suppose that makes sense, since I basically learned to make plugins by tinkering with other peoples code, and that would seem to be the most common way to do it.

    Still, it's good that you discovered the impact of doing it that other way, information is always good to have.
    Yeah for sure! Now I have to go and change that on all my plugins xD
    Although it has a big difference in numbers, the recursive function is still fast.
    But I can't keep going after I saw the numbers difference xD
    Even if it was like 20 Ms slower, I whould change haha
    Porting my plugins from MZ to MV and MV to MZ, one of the biggest issues was making the MV test project again...
    But guess what... Just copy and pasted the DATA from MZ to MV project, and everything is working!!!!! *_____*
    It is always the same stuff. When I finally start working on a project, I have a plugin idea/improvement. Then, when I realize, I'm already writing 3 new plugins... xD
    Goal: Implement a requested feature on plugin #1.
    • Implemented the feature on #1
    • Fixed compatibility on #2 because of the new feature on #1
    • Fixed a bug on #2 due to the compatibility fix
    • The bug on #2 caused another bug on #3
    • The bug on #3 caused a compatibility on #1
    • Fixed
    • Hopefully, everything is working now... o_O
    Anyone here already encountered a plugin with the prefix of "HS" or "HK" ?
    Nothing on makerdevs.com comes up with either prefix
    Continue developing my minimap plugin! Now you can put the minimap inside a window, change its shape (Circle, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Star-Like ) Also, blink icons!
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