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    Eli Custom Parameter Curve - Build the status of your classes independent of the editor!

    Updated the MV version! Version 1.2 - 01/20/2021 - Now you can edit your class curves through plugin parameters(just like the MZ one). - Added initial values for all classes. - Added preset classes.
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    Almost done! [MEDIA]

    Almost done!
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    Eli Pictures - Enhance the default picture event command to do more simple or complex commands.

    Version 2.1.1 - 01/18/2021 - Add a change to the erase command, now you can choose between list various id's per comma "," or use "#" to get a range of numbers.
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    RMMV Bigger item description?/Descripción mas grande de objetos?

    @Nichts824 That's a totally fine friend! I'm really glad I can help ^^ Happy RPG Making!
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    RMMV Bigger item description?/Descripción mas grande de objetos?

    Hi! You can try my plugin: Eli Help Windows. It lets you raise the number of lines. With that you can use the default help text and insert an escape code to jump a line.
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    Eli's Book

    Hi @Oddball That's strange, the variable "eli" is only present in older versions of my plugins. Make sure you are with EliMZ_Book version 3.0.0 and EliMZ_StaticExp version 2.0.0 If even download the new versions, it doesn't work. Send me the right console screenshot, because yours is wrong...
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    Eli's Book

    @Oddball Are you using the MV or MZ version? Send me a screenshot of your plugin list. Also, trigger the error again, then press F12 or F8 and open the console tab and send me a screenshot of the error log there too.
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    RMMZ Remove dead party members from party

    [EDIT] Ops, see that you already solve it. Sorry ^^'' Was a challenge for me type that on my cellphone xD As Shaz said, I believe you just need to correct the capitalization of the If: $gameParty.members().forEach(member => { If(member._actorId > 10 && member.isDead()) {...
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    RMMZ Remove dead party members from party

    Hi there! I'm on celphine so I don't know if it will work. You can try a script call: $gameParty.battleMembers().forEach(member => { If(member._actorId > 10 && member.isDead()) { $gameParty.removeActor(member._actorId) } }) The "member" word should return a $gameActor object. I don't know if...
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    Eli Button Common Events - Assign/bind common events to your keyboard keys!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction This plugin lets you bind common events to any keyboard button via plugin parameters or plugin commands! Features ● Bind common event to keys. ● Remove common events from these keys. ● Can do it through plugin parameters or plugin commands. How to use The...
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    RMMZ Debugging Graphics and Why You Should Stop Using WindowLayer

    I got, to be honest, I didn't know anything technically about what you said. But when I was learning Phaser 3, I read a little about this renderer stuff, but in the end, I schedule this lesson for later. But both in MV and MZ I always notice fps drops when entering the menu, its a fast fps drop...
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    Increase one variable while decreasing another?

    Hi there! That's is very simple to do. Make an event to activate every time the player enters in a new map and register the max number of steps he can get before get kicked out: In the common event, you can check it like this:
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    RMMV Player touch triggers an event by even in Move Route.

    Hi there! The more simple way I can think to solve this is to put a parallel event checking the player position and the event position. If the player position is equal to the event position, you can trigger a switch and activate the event. There are other ways of doing that, but that is, how can...
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    Hi there! Welcome to the community! Turning a box into a game? I believe that you are having a nice experience with that. Well, your history also reminds me that my friends never tested my first game xD Anyway, welcome ^^

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