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    FREE Looking for a writer for a small, first-time project

    Do you still need a writer for your project? If you do, I'd like to offer my services xD I've been writing for a few years (mostly short stories and poetry, although I have a big novel project in the making), and while I'm not one of the best, I believe I'd be more than able to help you out.
  2. Eliel Micmás

    Games You Love That Everyone Else Hates

    Chrono Trigger fortunately has never been hated, just forgotten. As for me, I like CrossFire, a FPS free-to-play game.
  3. Eliel Micmás

    Can we guess your character's personality by a drawing of them?

    @sirgames He's a perfectionist, haughty, staunch, calm and slightly narcisistic knight, who takes himself and his job/mission very seriously, to the point of annoying his comrades with his Pristine Clean moral code and obnoxious chivalry. He probably has a strong prejudice against "lowly"...
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    January Goals & Progress Thread

    Starting a new game project. This will probably be the first one I'll finish - I hope I suceed.
  5. Eliel Micmás

    Chronicle 7

    I do get it. Still, people do manage to make advancements, sometimes notable ones. The First and Second World War are cases of constant war in which people managed to make great advancements. The Medieval Age is an example too: wars were constant, and still, technology managed to advance...
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    Thoughts on QTEs in RPG Maker

    A good example of QTEs done right in RPGs is, surprisingly, Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga and its sequels. They further developed the QTE mechanics that were already present in Super Mario RPG. Even though the combat system is fully turn-based, all attacks and spells made in battles, along with...
  7. Eliel Micmás

    Growling Garden

    Amazing theme! It really conveys the game's creepy aspect - it sounds actually a little more futuristic and electronic than I expected, which is actually something nice.
  8. Eliel Micmás

    WAYWARD | Dark-Souls inspired RPG | Seeking Everybody

    Great! I'll keep an eye open on Skype.
  9. Eliel Micmás

    Eliel's Art Gallery

    Thank you! And actually, Kindred was a distant inspiration for that character :3
  10. Eliel Micmás

    Eliel's Art Gallery

    ELIEL'S ARTWORKS 'Cause I love big titles written in cool typesets. Hello! I'm Eliel Micmás, a traditional artist mainly working with personal concept art and character design. I guess it wouldn't hurt to share some of my drawings here, so here we goooooo! *Mario voice deactivated*
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    WAYWARD | Dark-Souls inspired RPG | Seeking Everybody

    Hello! I'm interested in helping you with your project. I'm a 2D traditional artist who mainly dabbles with concept art and character design - you can find my portfolio and links to most of my social profiles here! I'm also a writer. Call me Eliel. I'm 17, male and Brazilian, GMT -3; a lover...
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    Chronicle 7

    I've liked the game's concept so far, specially the class mechanic you're going to use. There's something story-wise that's bugging me though: in war periods, science doesn't stagnate - actually, history has proved that many advancements in science and technology were made during war periods...
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    Hello from a Husband and Wife Team!

    Hello there! Welcome to the forums! I hope to see your game soon, I love steampunk games <3 I'm sure you'll find support here. By the way, do you have a site or blog for your project? I'd like to follow it.
  14. Eliel Micmás

    Gloaming Woods - a Surreal/Fairytale Adventure

    I've really liked the art style, and surreal adventure games need more love than they already have <3 Good luck with your project, I'll be sure to follow it and play the game if you manage to finish it.

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