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  • Just look at that! Obviously not supposed to be there TTATT
    Game ruined 0/10Screen Shot 4148.PNG
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    Oh no I'm so sorry! Should I delete some of them?
    Or like, combine them all into the oldest one? I don't usually post status stuff and I didn't think about checking the rules... Sorry.
    no, it's okay - just keep in mind for future :)
    I definitely will!
    and now i will go actually sleep, for real.
    I hope you have a great day/night!
    On no I just noticed I forgot to remove the UGLY yellow block I was using to mark where the characters were going in a cutscene!
    ok actually sleeping now. I can playtest tomorrow... um... Later today.
    I had to cut so much of the game cause I ran out of time... At least the cool credits scene made it in...
    Unless there's a bug in the way. TTATT
    lol I found a bug right as the clock hit 9am... aka when the touch the stars game jam ran out of time... orz
    At least it's just a dumb bug that ruins a small cutscene and not gamebreaking.
    Imma sleep now. I've been crunching aaaall night! orz
    Huh... I've never updated my status???
    Anyway it's like 8 am and there's exactly 1 day and 37 minutes left on the deadline... But I'm also super tired...
    Imma take a short 8 hour nap.
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Grading the last exams for this semester and I need a break because I am laughing too hard xD
edit: Video link removed due to well Internet problems making it essentially nothing anyway. :kaoswt:
Sleep logic:
4 hours or less = I feel like I'm dying
5-6 hours: Feeling well rested
More than 6 hours: I feel like I'm dying
Women always say "I want to be spoiled" then get mad when I spoil them. Why would you say that if you didnt actually want to know the ending?

decided to have subclasses work differently in my game. They summon in a partner when you select one. this took some work tho as I had to get the class scene to pop up as a common event instead of straight from the menu. it was the only way to add/remove party members while on the menu screens.

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