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    What do you plan to do with RPG Maker MZ?

    I think I'm just gonna make something short... And then go back to hopefully finish my current projects. (I have to complete at least one of them. Probably the rpgmc2018 entry that I never bugfixed and updated cause of burnout.) Then I might actually do something with the Mystery/Romance/Horror...
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    I've finally gotten past my procrastination and kinda finished the side view of my male base sprite. Any super obvious flaws?
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    To Steam, or not to Steam - that is the question

    I mean the big draw of steam is the games and programs (and frequent massive sales)... If you don't own any games on it and aren't planning to, why install it?
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    Your Alternate Names For Stock Items?

    In the game I'm working on right now I have: HP - Healing Balm (Also Yarrow Flower for super low healing, might be used to craft healing balm if I make a crafting system) MP - Dandelion Tea (might add Black tea and/or Energizing tea as better versions) Revive - Smelling Salts And for status...
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    Healers/Support Characters

    I think at some point you just have to let your player fail. Just have a way for them to respec if they do something like that.
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    Your Favorite Thing to do in Games?

    Exploring Talking to ALL the npcs Quests with storyline
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    Anyone else delaying their project and waiting for RMMZ?

    I'm not delaying any of my current project, (*cough*cause procrastination's already made me pretty much abandon them*cough*) but I will delay any new projects until I have MZ. (Maybe I can actually get something done with my old projects if I dont start new ones all the time... orz)
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    Minigames for a scifi rpg VX Ace

    The easiest to make without scripting or plugins would probably be Heads or Tails, or Rock Paper Scissors. (Iirc you can do a random variable number in ace right? It's been a while since I used it.) But I dunno if you could make a league playing those in space in a serious game.
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    [Poll] Short Sword vs Short-Sword vs Shortsword

    I'd go with Shortsword. It just looks more right to me.
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    Cloth armor progression?

    I'd think the basic tiers of cloth would be... Cotton, wool, linen, silk? (or maybe linen, then wool?) And in between you could have stuff like, Layered Cotton, Cotton Gambeson, Enchanted Cotton... (Fun fact, now that I've written cotton so much I feel kinda paranoid that I've spelled it wrong.)
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    Do you prefer violence game or lighthearted game?

    I don't mind blood and gore as long as it's kinda... incidental? Like, if I'm going around killing enemies I don't really care if they get cut in half and their guts spill out over the floor. But if it's slow and deliberate, like torture scenes, or that one scene in Dead Space where you have to...
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    Character names. Can you legally name them anyhow?

    As long as it's clearly not the same character, and doesn't reference them... I'm pretty sure using that name for a character should be fine. There are only so many names and letter combinations in the world.
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    What counts as insults or extreme dialogue, and in what context?

    About the phrase "dick move"... I feel like that's a pretty casual swear? It's not insulting a person. It's insulting an action. And that by default makes it way less harsh. In fact, I can't really think of any situation that could make it sound really bad? I think it's more something you say...
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    (Poll) Pushing a Canon Couple in a Sim Dating Game? Yay or Nay?

    I feel like it would need a lot of foreshadowing if it's gonna lead to a bad ending. Like, if the characters are royalty from different nations that are considering a marriage alliance. (and a lot of people worry about a war if it doesn't happen) Or there's a prophesy or something. Or one (or...
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    So I've recently gotten the idea that my basesprites profile look wonky, especially when I try doing lipstick, so I tried changing it. Could I get an opinion on which of these look best? And which works best with the front of the head? Aka the pic below this sentence. I'm so proud of that...

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