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  • Increased the walk and run cycle to 8 - 12 instead of 6 - 8.
    and decreased the frame duration to avoid them moving in slow motion XD
    Hurray the protagonist 8 directions are now fully done! Oh wait... This is only the teenage versions...
    Hurray we failed, yet we kind of succeded...? :kaoswt2:
    A bit confusing but heck I take it!

    All I know is that I now will be pushing myself daily full time until the game is released.
    ...just not too much mk? take care of urself :kaoluv:
    When you animate something small like a bird in a birdnest and you keep thinking...
    Is ANYONE ever going to notice that there is more than 1 animation going on there?
    Consider it is well, a bird in a nest... In a tree...
    So, not like people are going to look up at the trees very much, yet you do it anyway and hope someone will one day notice those tiny details XD
    Rendering the intro for the 4 time today, everytime it finished I noticed something that I found off and had to fix it and render it all over again...
    Would not be so bad if it was not for my PC having the speed of a slug.:kaoswt2:
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    I swear, that happened to me every time I sent something to render. It helped me to step away for a little bit after I thought I was done.
    I spent two weeks making an intro, I now hate the entire thing and will be redoing it completely. Sounds like you may suffer the curse of the perfectionist ;_;:LZSlol:
    Made some new ground textures for our game, lots of textures still to be made but I think it start to look good =3
    Hmm, that escalated quickly...
    Ended up with a total of 176 frames for some idle animations of a chicken.
    But in my defense! There are 8 directions =P
    Is the chicken idle animation some kind of gymnastic routine?
    Well 22 frames each direction and it was more than one idle animation but nothing major really, eating food, poking around the soil, turning its head in different directions.
    but many small animations made the frame count escalate a bit =P
    More stuff, I planned to make that cow in only the isometric directions BUT, it looked way to weird so had to make 8 directions in the end -_-'
    Colour got updated, after I nagged the programmer a bit about the colour =P
    unknown (7).png
    well not traditionally but I think if it's just in statuses it's fine
    From my understanding it is fine in the status feed as it is a bit more "your own stuff"
    Just can't post about the project in other parts of the forum since it is strictly rpg maker.
    Thank you, been a pain to make the HD pixelart textures though XD each tile size is 64 pix.
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    Just spent 30 min growling at a mesh not importing properly to unity.
    Then the programmer asked "Did you send me the updated texture?"
    *Nervous laughter*
    Well, that explain the transparent texture eh?
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Finally upgraded to RMMZ.
FINALLY, I figured out how to get the "tail" to appear IN the window and not directly below it lol. now it looks like it's part of the window and not hanging from the bottom of it.
Twitch! Stream is about to go live with some Dark Souls 2! Feel free to drop by!
Has anyone ever wanted to choose how they play? I've been working on Black Moon, a project where you can fight against ancient beasts by commanding an army of former gods and goddesses. But what makes it different is that there are different ways to give your choice heroes either Red, Green, or Blue weapons/armor, and each grants different abilities. More coming soon!
Can Elon crash Twitter faster? I want something as big to replace it so I can promote my game there. I also need to actually do promotion this time, heh.

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