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    View picture in inventory?

    I don't know why it doesnt work for me, but it doesn't. (I replicated every ,move to the tee.) as soon as I try to click the picture from within my inventory, i get the classsic "buzzer" sound, and I want get further...
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    NoScript Slot Machine

    so has anyone made a MV version yet?
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    bug in show choices command RMMV or did i miss something?

    Hi fellow makers, I have a lot of " show choices" scripting in my game. ( Some of those scripts behave erratically, even though there is nothing different from other scripts. --------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Text:None, Window, Bottom : :Would you like to...
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    Designing a combat system: Where do you start?

    (Cleared by Moderator)
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    Play test a event with out loading the game.

    sadly, sumrandomdude has not updated the plugin to the most recent 1.06 update, rendering it useless. You will get an error.
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    Terrax Lighting system

    Hi Terrax, I'm trying to implement your lightningplugin in my game. However, I have an event that is moving a route. I have put a tag with "Light 100 #CCCCCC"on it, but It will only show light on start and end of the event, not during the walking. Any ideas for me how to proceed?
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    How to make a Common Event create an Event.

    What you can do is make a portal system. I made one for my game. Make conditional branches with all portal locations and transfer locations. On every map you paste the same portal system, but make conditional branches within that level that check if a certain switch is on or off. The worlds you...
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    Can someone tell me how to add Generator Parts to RMMV?

    I guess he doesnt have time to answer since he was even lazy enough to watch a 5 minute video..... good luck though, Altend....
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    If it were only ONE enemy i would totally do this. But my aim is for every enemy to have this system, thus building every enemy (and believe me i have a few) out of every battler would be a hell of a job. That's why i was hoping for another solution. Plus i want the enemy to dodge / move on...
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    Hi passionate RPGamers, I'm well on my way to designing a shooting / adventuregame in the style of SD SNATCHER. I cant find the battle engine needed to mimic what they did in that game. In that game there was ONE enemy or boss and you could hit the enemy in different places for different...

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