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    Eli Help Windows - Add help windows to the default scenes/windows!

    mmmm is there a way to put a help window over an enemy showing the name of the debuffs it is affected?
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    RMMV Changing LUK stat use

    mmm what about a formula? lets say you make a formula that says v[x] = math.random(100)+1 ; v[x2] = a.luk - b.luk ; v[x] < v[x2] ? b.addstate(A) : v[x] = 0 ; attack damage or 0 what the formula does is: get a random number between 0 and 99, then add 1 and save that number in a variable, then...
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    Akea Animated Battle System 2

    mmm guys would it be possible to add an animation to a state with this plugin? to make for example: the petrification, freezing, roots, burning, poison and other effects? since the plugins accepts a larger and better sprite sheet it would be easier for me just to draw said effects in my sprite...
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    Eli Dynamic Parameters - Change parameter values dynamically with states and equipment note tags!

    good luck if you find the way working with visutella's code. i opened a core plugin once and suffered a stroke. the entire plugin is writen in a single line, a loong long single line.
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    Eli Custom Parameters - Add new parameters to actors and enemies!

    ok i finally solve it, it was not incompatibility, it was my dumb brain loading custom parameters after enemy class. so the parameters were in the skill formulas, but not in the other plugin formulas, because for the plugin they didnt had them. everything works now, i can now make things like...
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    Eli Custom Parameters - Add new parameters to actors and enemies!

    for some reason it stop working today when i use it with custom state damage i have no idea what could have happen. i think i updated the book core. still it doesnt make sense, well i can just use atk and magic attak...
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    Nio_CharacterStatusSprite 1.00

    does this work for the battle screen?
  8. Elmo_Cosquillas

    Skill Extension (hp costs, cooldowns, limited uses and some evals)

    ok, it works, but i dont know how to change the text color, because black hurts people eyes, i feel dumb ._. what color must i use to get white, no matter what i write here, its always black NVM i found the answer, it was 0 and you have to reboot the rpgmaker, for some reason i always have to...
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    RMMZ Alternative to: "Visual State Effects" from visutella.

    Well as the tittle says, it would be nice to give more variety to said effects. like adding an ice cube layer to the freezing effect or turn the target into a statue and so on. But using even 1 plugin from visutella means i need to replace almost my entire project. the reason i dont even use...
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    Balancing Dual Wield

    idk if is this would be considered necromancy but i think i found a way to do it. Im using hime equip core, to have the ability to make weapons to be able to be equipped in the off-hand slot and in the main hand but to also make 2-handed weapons that can only be equiped in the main hand and...
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    RMMZ target ally but exclude the user. no visutella/yep

    ty both of you guys, many good plugins on that site, i cant understand anything, i mean i barely understand english, but i think that if i use the google traduction extension i'll find many good things in that site. ok, its this one: i think you...
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    Eli Custom Parameters - Add new parameters to actors and enemies!

    One quick question, if i add a parameter for example strength with the "str" abreviation, how can i use it on damage formulas? jut like the old parameters? for example "a.atk * a.str"?
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    RMMZ target ally but exclude the user. no visutella/yep

    hey guys, well its as the tittle says. im trying to make something like the old soraka's mana replenishment. 2 skills, one that gives a portion based on formula damage of its own mp to an ally, or one taking mp from an ally based on a damage formula. the thing is that it doesnt make any sense...
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    need a invisible regeneration

    did it, that way ty.
  15. Elmo_Cosquillas

    need a invisible regeneration

    well thats it, i need passive regeneration hp or mp for certain characters, but i dont want them to pop on the screen. is there a way to do it? is a minor thing but is unsettling for the player seeing numbers poping in the screen for no apparent reason.i would like it to be done without plugins...

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