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  1. Silver's Dash Stamina

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if I have possibly necro'd this thread, but I want to ask for some help. Is there a way to implement a feature where a state will decrease/increase the user's stamina? For example, when a character eats a meal, his stamina will be +50 for a certain amount of steps...
  2. Interior Doors?

    Hello all, Thank you for all the answers! I did not really expect this to happen *_* Archeia, I tried the plugin, andddddd it worked perfectly! It is exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much! Andar and BehemothRPG, thank you for your answers as well! I guess... This thread is solved?
  3. The Devil known as Procrastination.

  4. Interior Doors?

    Hello all, I have been using RPG Maker MV for a month now, and I'm still pretty new to it. But there is this fancy thing I really want to do: interior doors. Now, my partner in this project wants the players to be unable to see inside the room, and his solution for it is making an entirely...

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