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  1. VE - Materia System

    It does not read what I insert in the notetag of weapons but only that of the notetag actor. image 4 without equipped weapon, remains unchanged
  2. VE - Materia System

    Yes I have entered but does not see the slots on the weapon. sees the slots only on equip 1 and 8 slots come out.
  3. VE - Materia System

    Hi everyone, I insert in the notetag weapons <materia slots: 0=0> but the weapon does not take up slots. only by inserting in the actor notetag you can see but this does not interest me. I want to have slots only in weapons and armor. How does it work? I can not understand
  4. [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    Hi Guys sorry for my english. I have problem with visibility character create with dragon bones battle system. Where is the problem? Ty for help :)

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