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  1. RMMV copy actor info to other actor

    I've been looking around for copying actor info from one to another. I have found some posts and plugins by searching around and googling that just don't do what I want. Basically, I'm making a simple tool for my DND game which I can run during play to give the players a bit more of a vissible...
  2. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    I just stumbled upon this plugin and figured it was exactly what I needed without even knowing it. I ran a tabletop RPG which I created myself in the past on an online forum. I have been figuring for a few years what to do with that huge rulebook I created and all the great stories we played...
  3. Yes bureaucracy is ever a problem :P. Traditionally in Holland architects would design...

    Yes bureaucracy is ever a problem :P. Traditionally in Holland architects would design buildings with green spaces around it (those meaning someone with gardening skills should detail that part). I’ve seen some recent projects though where the design was more of a coop between architects...
  4. @Lemonrice The term originates from permanent agriculture and permanent culture. It's more of a...

    @Lemonrice The term originates from permanent agriculture and permanent culture. It's more of a hollistic design approach for sustainable building, gardening and social, cultural, political and economical structures. I haven't met a lot of architects designing by permaculture yet @Shaz. I'm...
  5. Camera locking

    Thanks Shaz. I will try that :thumbsup-right:
  6. Camera locking

    Thanks for your replies. For future reference. I've tried to refresh the command, but it jumps instead of scrolls and gives a nasty visual effect. Best way to solve it (as far as I found) is by doing it as I said, make event move by player movement so you can add a scroll map command. Or have...
  7. Camera locking

    Awesome that works! Thanks. Any idea how to make it scroll along with that event when moving as well? I want to lock the player on his spot by closing a spike square around him and make the event move by player movement so scroll map may be an option, but maybe a script gives a better visual...
  8. Camera locking

    In Archeia's list on top of this forum I found a scriptcall to lock the camera on either the player or an event. The thread is no longer open for replies so I figured this would be the best place to ask (correct me if I'm wrong). It's this little piece of code...
  9. Thex Custom Shops

    @BoluBolu, A good eventer with little to no scripting knowledge like myself is bound to get extra creative within the borders of what was meant and what one could stretch it to. Those three tabs are not simply standard functions, they are possibilities as great as one can think outside the box...
  10. shop scene alteration

    .Thanks a lot! That really helped. I've been trying different classnames, but must have missed the Scene_. I have already been busy messing around with the shop. Still pondering on the exact layout actually, but I have encountered some questions on it someone here may have some pointers for to...
  11. shop scene alteration

    Fixed it. Sorry for that. I was trying to add as much info on what I've done and use for good reference, but having some trouble to get that right into the post xD Now with the links in instead of the scripts I got the post as it was supposed to look in the first place.
  12. shop scene alteration

    I've been deep into this, as deep as I could with my scripting knowledge, but I decided I really need some help on this. Let's explain. I'm using and have altered Galv's Menu Themes Engine. The result looks like this: Which is fine. But then I started working on the shop and I couldn't get...
  13. storing enemy member names in variables (appear halfway enemies)

    Thanks. I have done the following due to your advice. I don't think it's exactly what you meant, but thinking more on how they're added got me further ^^ Thank you so much for that def enemy_names names = [] members.each do |enemy| names.push(enemy.original_name)...
  14. storing enemy member names in variables (appear halfway enemies)

    It gives an error when using member.hidden or enemy.hidden. Saying there is either an undefined method for 'member', 'enemy' or 'hidden'. This is the original code: def enemy_names names = [] members.each do |enemy| next unless enemy.alive? next if...
  15. storing enemy member names in variables (appear halfway enemies)

    I thought I was in the correct forum after reading the description. But as I lost my post due to the movement I did notice Shaz's post saying 'This forum is only for completed scripts'. I'm sorry, I'll be more alert next time.

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