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  1. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Great ! Hovering works fine. Snap works perfectly too on both right and bottom window's borders, but not on the left and upper ones. And I really like the Reticle animated cursor. :)
  2. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Yeah, it's also that I think, but we can trick with it. I made a common event to erase the cursor when it approach window border and it's better, but not perfect, because, I think, the coordinates update is delayed. I'm curious about how Chaucer did and I'll be waiting for the next version. :)
  3. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Sure. I mean, when the cursor is on the game window, and I move it to go out, if I do it slowly, it disappears correctly (when leaving the window), but if I do it fastly, it remains on the game window as it on the right) : I'm pretty sure it's because of a delay between coordinates refreshs...
  4. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Just another thing : when I move the cursor fastly offscreen, it still apears on the border of the map. Is there a way to fix it ? EDIT : Seems that hovering change works aproximatively on events that are under the hero : after trigger once, the cursor doesn't change everytime I'm hovering...
  5. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Yeah, it works perfectly now ! :)
  6. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    0h, it's good news ! :) Here's my plugin configuration :
  7. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Hm, now the cursor doesn't show, and I've this error, sometimes on clicking on the map, or even when launching the game with 'enter' or open the menu :
  8. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Thanks ! :) I'll wait for the debuged version. EDIT : Probably due to the same reason, changing cursor by hovering an event doesn't work under a picture. If it can help...
  9. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Great plugin ! But there is a strange thing with MMC+ (not MMC) on MV : the cursor seems unable to click under a picture. So characters doesn't move when clicking on the map under a picture. Did I missed something ? I tested with no plugin except yours, so it's not a problem of compatibility...
  10. Olivia's horror effects plugin doesn't work in canvas mode ?

    0ups, sorry. :( I will not doing again. Thanks, Shaz ! You're really helpful. I think it's this plugin whose fail to load data from the save, as you said, cause it happens only with this plugin and my old saves, no matters if there is or not another plugin installed. But if I start a new game...
  11. Olivia's horror effects plugin doesn't work in canvas mode ?

    The problem is that I can't simply start a new game, since first episodes have been distributed... So I suppose I can't add this plugin.:LZSsad: So, I can't use this plugin in the first part of the game, that is not really important. But after a certain time, the user must restart a new game...
  12. Olivia's horror effects plugin doesn't work in canvas mode ?

    So bad. :( Is there a way to know if the game is played in canvas or webgl mode, and save this information in a variable, or maybe with a switch, so I can adapt is comportement ? Thanks, anyway. EDIT : Hm, it appears to don't work at all, in my project, even in webGL mode. Without any plugin...
  13. Olivia's horror effects plugin doesn't work in canvas mode ?

    Hi. I purchased Olivia's horror effects plugin, and it doesn't appear to work in canvas mode. Is it normal ? I have RMMV 1.6.1. Thanks for helping. EDIT : It seems that I posted in the wrong section and I can't move it. :(
  14. [solved !] change playtime ?

    It's very instructing ! Again, thanks a lot ! :)
  15. [solved !] change playtime ?

    In fact, what I'm doing now, is this : 1) I get the Graphics.frameCount from the current save (alternatively, perhaps I can multiply the ingame-readed playtime by 60), and write it into a .txt file ; 2) Close the game ; 3) The player start a new game ; 4) instantly, read the .txt file, and...

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