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  1. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Elissiaro, I guess there's really not enough cat-themed things, then! :p I figured the book, picture, cup, the stuffed cat, pillow and three cat statues with their backs turned on the bookshelf might have worked. But the latter one might not look enough like cats to really work that well. I do...
  2. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Nothing too special here. Just an upstairs bedroom in a house; the room belongs to a little girl that really likes cats. No, she's not in the room because at the point in the game where you see her room for the first time, she's missing. But that's beside the point. Are there enough...
  3. Closed For Now

    Thank you, Avery! That charset will work great with a little editing~! :D (Editing the original post, since the second request has been filled~)
  4. Does Game Develop Make you feel isolated

    As far as I have noticed, in the real world (away from the computer) game development isn't the easiest thing to talk about. It's not because the people I know aren't interested, it's just because they usually don't have the slightest clue what I'm talking about. :P Discussing certain plot...
  5. Closed For Now

    Just bumping this up.
  6. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @cabfe You're right, I think it looks much better not trying something like putting the windows on the entrance. :) I wanted to see if it would look more interesting that way on a few houses-- and no, it does not. ^.^
  7. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Just two little map screenshots for right now. :) This is just part of a little farming town, during a thunderstorm. It doesn't show a whole lot, because I'm still working on certain areas of this town. And here's a house interior. It's just an NPC's house, but interior mapping is fun ^.^...
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