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    Remove Game Over Message

    Make sure you remember it though... Editing the scripts themselves can cause problems down the line, and it can become hard to trouble shoot if you forget what you edited and what their original version was. That is why its suggested to just overwrite/alias them in new script slots instead of...
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    Sudden/random loss of connection is a common issue with the internet providers in this country...

    Sudden/random loss of connection is a common issue with the internet providers in this country.. Even with a good router these problems still happen.
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    Finally migrated VX Ace into my new laptop. Time to finish my project and start the next one...

    Finally migrated VX Ace into my new laptop. Time to finish my project and start the next one.. And woah, the forum has changed again...
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    Map X and Screen X not working proper

    Variables setting in the events would only set the current value of the objects at the time of setting, they don't give the pointer to the data. So you do need to update them manually each time you need them. If setting it on a parallel process doesnt work, please post a screenshot of your event...
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    Lanthanum Lights v1.40

    I'll look when I have time, I dont have access to my laptop with RPG maker right now
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    @BloodletterQ - please define what is "Alistair's Mana Barrier". Explain in full what it does and how it is to be used. @Blazatryx since it involves a specific plugin, better ask in the thread of the plugin itself or in a new thread. Anyway, its most probably because the Sprite Object in which...
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    [MV] Play animation for actor at end of battle?

    First, you should get a plugin that allows you to not immediately end the battle after the last enemy dies because by default, the moment the last enemy dies, the battle processing immediately proceeds to the end processing.
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    Lanthanum Lights v1.40

    It works for me... Hmmmm...
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    [help] skill effects changes with skill type

    If your Actor only has access to the Light or Dark types but not both, do Andars suggestion. Skills will only show on the actor if he has access to the skill type of that skill (given via Traits/Effects), so if your equipment gives 2 skills but one is Light type while other is Dark type, the...
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    Projectiles Pack

    Sorry for the late reply, did you get it to work?
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    Projectiles Pack

    Its a script.rvdata2 file, you're supposed to replace the script.rvdata2 file in a sample project with the download so that the scripts will appear in that sample project.
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    show picture is moving also.

    That is a behavior that is coded in the game's code/script, if you want to completely change it, you would need a script. There is an option though, to use an event to show your "picture" as its its graphics instead of using Show Picture command, which would also mean that you need to change...
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    What game are you currently Playing?

    Playing Trails of Cold Steel 3 and The Show 19
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    Super Easy Basic Plugin Tutorial?

    Start by learning the basics of JavaScript. Understand the flow, syntax and features of the language first. There are a lot of websites that would allow you to do that. Focus on learning JavaScript, not plugins.
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    Checking if an enemy was defeated by certain Class/Actor

    Its possible but you will need a plugin that taps directly into the skill use and damage sequence in order yo determine it

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