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  1. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hello, So I'm trying to learn how to make plugins and thought the best way to do so it by trying to create one myself. I understand that I need to use pluginManager.registerCommand to create parameter commands for my plugin and that each argument needs to have a type like number, string and...
  2. Change default save location

    Is there a way to change the default save location of projects? I want it on another drive and it would help if I did not have to copy over a copy every time I add 1 small thing to the project.
  3. Event and Player touch at the same time

    Already found a way to do it but I'm facing another problem. To explain it a little better. The player is ment to follow event A. Once he steps on event "West" event A will randomly pick a number from 1-3 and depending on the result go for North, East or South and the player should follow. At...
  4. Event and Player touch at the same time

    Simple. This is one and the same event with 2 tabs. Both tabs has the exact same conditions(Which is none at the moment). I heard that only the last tab would run but I'm looking for something similar in a situation where both will work. The idea here is that the player is supposed to follow an...
  5. RMMZ OuterSelfSwitch?

    Thx I downloaded it but I can't understand how to use it. What is the plugin command to change the self switch of event X to A from event Y? I want something like this.
  6. RMMZ OuterSelfSwitch?

    Just wanted to ask as I can't find it... Is there an OuterSelfSwitch plugin just like there was with MV? In that case where can I find it?
  7. How is the character generator?

    Well If I want a character to look young then I would easily go for the MZ generator. The Kid tab is useless there. Well it did not have much in variety to begin with even with MV (Which is pretty much the same). You can easily make a child character with the default Male/Female tabs on MZ. If...
  8. How is the character generator?

    I mean... It was part of the budle S that I got so I assumed it was MV assets remade for MZ. I could be wrong tho byt then I should be made clearer that it was.
  9. How is the character generator?

    I didn't import the MV assets. What I imported was the MV Trinity Resource Pack.
  10. How is the character generator?

    So this is me trying to recreate a character from my MV project and this is what it looked like. In this specific case I prefer the MV set so I will go with that but look at the damage sprites. I notice this problem with some "front hair" styles. There are also a lot of body parts that is...
  11. How is the character generator?

    Can you use the same assets as in MV? That might help with the ugliness.
  12. How is the character generator?

    So I just want to know one thing about the character generator that I can't find info on anywhere. What I'm wondering about is the damage sprite section. Is it still 3 identical sprites or is there some variety? I would appreciate a screenshot to see what it would look like thanks!
  13. Tweaked Shop Processing

    Is there a code that rather than remove the word "sell".. changes the function of it for something else and then change back?
  14. Tweaked Shop Processing

    I did consider that one but it still leaves a blank space the user can hover over. I'm looking into a way to temporary replace it with something else. Dismantling does not make much sense in cooking xD Maybe You can add it in a food cart if you don't plan to eat it but how do you fitt that into...
  15. Tweaked Shop Processing

    Alright, thanks! you have been a great help! I will look around some more and see what I can find. Just found that just disabling "sell" will still display "sell" so I'll have to find a fix around that too xD

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