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  • Found some images of 100 fantasy maps on itch store last night. Just realised I have wasted several hours today recreating some of those maps in RPM instead of working on my game..
    RPG Maker MZ 1.6.0 just dropped on Steam.

    Updated NW.js(v0.48.4 -> v0.69.1).This fixes a bug originating in NW.js and improves stability.
    Updated NW.js(v1.62d -> v1.62e - 1.04).
    Updated Pixi.JS(v5.2.4 -> v5.3.12).This fixes a bug originating in Pixi.JS and improves stability.

    I wonder if anything will break.
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    One thing I'm less than satisfied with is that the editor doesn't retain the collapsed/expanded state of your event commands when you close it and go back in.

    Like even if state were only retained for the most recently edited event I'd be happy. :p
    Created my shortest game ever. Isekai protagonist in fantasy world gets hit by runaway cart and reincarnates in modern Japan, discovers he can't use magic, has no OP skills so gives up and becomes an RPG Maker otaku. The end.
    you know, as times and markets go, you might have a blockbuster on your hands.
    Reminds me of the event game I did for the haroldverse jam where I'd planned to have Harold in his character graphic become self-aware, escape the image, go into RPG Maker, discover that the other RM default protagonists were in danger, and travel through worlds related to each RM to rescue them.

    Unfortunately I ran out of time and ended up just doing a scene where he jumps out of the image and falls to his death.
    After several hours of productive coding I suddenly ask myself how and when did I start modding Rimworld when I was in the middle of working on my game?
    Female friend texts me to say her water is out and that her daughter was coming over to shower and change for a night out. Unfortunately I was doing my laundry and didn't see text. Walk into bedroom to see young woman in state of undress. Her response was "You have seen me in my favourite panties, for that you die!"

    My immediate thought was 'Should I make this into a cutscene or battle event?'
    Friend marches to beat of a different drummer... In all the years I've known her, she gets 'distracted' and trouble ensues, text was typical of her assuming I'd be home and getting distracted by something else.

    Daughter is in her mid 20's, more switched on (knows what her mother is like.) She asked if she'd spoken to me. Her mother effectively replied "What's that? Oh yes, it's okay for you to go over."
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    @Raggon I wasn't saying anything at all about anyone's age? I was pointing out that it's weird for a friend to just assume they have permission to use your stuff before you've confirmed it's okay.
    ah i see @Trihan ... actually i kinda realized that after i posted it. Found no way on here to delete it . was gonna edit it out but it made no sense. sooooo.... i left it lol.

    like i said before though so many questions in this post . glad i saw some answered . :)
    If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me "What the hell is wrong with you?!" I could fund the research to find out what hell is wrong with me.
    Went to the gym and trained. Saw young woman struggling with a barbell she had got a young guy to put on her shoulders. An accident waiting to happen... Went to help her and got told to <expletive> off. Then realized she was trying to get the young guy's attention...

    Should have worn my "Went outside once, the graphics were good but the NPC's suck" t-shirt.
    Finds notes for an old side project... Oh, that's right, the two tracks that sounded really cool and gave inspiration for the big bad in that game... Spends day working on cutscene from old notes, looks okay, now lets slot in the first track... um... I did have those tracks??? It was a year or so ago but I did buy them didn't I?
    Procrastinates over buying Wacom tablet over a couple of days. Wanders by store again to have another look (on sale but store busy.)

    Wanders by store when it's quiet to have yet another look, salesperson; "Oh, by the way, that price is out of date as head office decided to drop the price again." Scores tablet A$40 cheaper than marked price and cheaper than online. First time ever my procrastination paid off.
    When I was younger I thought that one day they would sing songs of my adventures. Nowadays I think I'm more likely to end up being the subject of a bawdy limerick written in a toilet stall.
    Would have happened already but I've been struggling to find two rhymes for Enigman.
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The real "fun" is about to begin.

Uh, how do I render the glass effect again?
Today I will find ouf if I can make homemade reese's peanut butter dipped pretzels :3
I'm thinking about studying Latin.
Playing with more game sound effects and fake sound attenuation in 30 minutes or so. Definitely a lot of game dev this week.

Funny how 90% of my usual struggles vanished when I used Frontview battle xD

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