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  • Finds notes for an old side project... Oh, that's right, the two tracks that sounded really cool and gave inspiration for the big bad in that game... Spends day working on cutscene from old notes, looks okay, now lets slot in the first track... um... I did have those tracks??? It was a year or so ago but I did buy them didn't I?
    Procrastinates over buying Wacom tablet over a couple of days. Wanders by store again to have another look (on sale but store busy.)

    Wanders by store when it's quiet to have yet another look, salesperson; "Oh, by the way, that price is out of date as head office decided to drop the price again." Scores tablet A$40 cheaper than marked price and cheaper than online. First time ever my procrastination paid off.
    Nice! I think mine was like $150 when I got it. I don't know what it is... but I just don't like using it. Believe it or else, I'm just much more proficient drawing with my mouse o_O
    When I was younger I thought that one day they would sing songs of my adventures. Nowadays I think I'm more likely to end up being the subject of a bawdy limerick written in a toilet stall.
    Would have happened already but I've been struggling to find two rhymes for Enigman.
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SF_Enemy1_6 added!

Just thought I'd share how my battlers are looking for my 4 main characters. From left to right... Ashlyn the brave fighter, Lizzabelle the peaceful mage, Suki the thief, Saedra the not-so-peaceful mage.

Power to the Game Make!
ok by this weekend I WILL finally need alpha testers for Backstage: murdered sleep because it's got enough content at this point I want to get it on Steam Early Access ASAP (2/22/2022 would be a cool release date if I can make it).

By all means volunteer here, sure, but where else should I be looking?
Randomly trying to make some butcher shop tiles for MZ :3

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