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  • Me yesterday: With these final enemies designed my first little game is content complete. All that's left is a bit of balance testing and I can finally publish it :kaojoy:
    Me ever since: almost no balancing done, but rather bug hunting :kaoswt:
    You have helped a lot, and I can get you access to the full game. The row issues should be fixed now, and the game was updated. I took a little bit of your advice for the new version as well.

    I can also give you credit as a play tester or some other credit if you like.
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I just saw someone's post that had an instagram link. I have yet to be able to open that site up once, ever, or have an embed of it work (it just straight up won't show either of them). And I haven't really found a reason to try to fix the problem, either XD
I want to go play piano now. This is gonna be my stopping point today (yes, I’m very slow at drafting). Might have a few too many curly Qs? Obviously gotta finish the limbs and clean up. There are a few more outfit details I need to add. Probably going to do a background so that the pose makes sense, LOL.

Do you believe me now?

BTW not my insta, not my post. Different John.
It's been long time since last I'm tinkering with RPG Maker ~

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