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    MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners (3 Part Video Series)

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! It helped a lot ^^ Unfortunately I'm having issues with my character still refusing to walk, in spite of having the Yanfly plugin active and the "1" region block painted where necessary :/ is there any way you can help with this or should I jump over to the...
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    Basic Furry Assets

    If anyone can help me answer these questions, I'd be really grateful!
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    D'Art Title & Logo Workshop

    If this is still active, I would love one! Type: Title Game Title: Judgement Cast Font: Eutemia I Theme: Steampunk, fantasy  Colors: copper, red, black and white over a sunset Game description: An open world RPG where you play as an orphaned jackal anthro who unwillingly...
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    Judgement Cast

    here's the world map done in game :) Also, thank you very much for the tips and ideas, Corrupt! 
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    Massive tree trunk?

    Resource Type: Tile set   Maker Format: MV   Art Style: Something close to PandaMaru?    Description: I need some massive tree trunk base pieces to make it look like there are cities built into the tree (when on ground level)   Reference Images: Here's the trees by the...
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    A few anthro pieces by KlausAidon

    Hey, if you're still active, would you like to help me with my assets? I'm doing something similar ^^ It would be nice to work with someone on something :)
  7. EonRising

    Looking for a small team for an SRPG

    So I'm currently in the process of creating a game I've had brewing in my mind since last April, and now that I have RPG Maker, I can make it a reality ^^ At first I thought I could do it on my own, but since the questions I posed in the support thread haven't gotten answers, I decided it...
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    Judgement Cast

    I think this is where this should go, right? Well... Might as well make a page for my project ^^ No reason not to. I don't have any fancy banners or anything. What I do have, however is an entire map, lore and world history and concept art of my own, as well as a story for this specific...
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    Graphics Ahoy!

    If you're still available, I'd love one! Username:EonRisingGame Name:Judgement CastTheme/genre of the game: Open world high-fantasy steampunk RPG (with TBS elements if I can find a plugin)Colour Scheme: Copper, red and blackLink to game thread (if there is one): Judgement Cast...
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    Maru's MV Bits

    Sorry for being such a terrible noob, but how do I use these wonderful tiles sets? >< Do I just throw them into the Tilesets file?
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    How Can I edit the "Face" for SV/TV/TVD sprites?

    So I don't think it's possible to do directly, but what is the best way to name and organize files so that I can change the shape of the face in the SV/TV/TVD sprites? The current issue I'm having is that I have anthopromorphic snakes that have drastically different head sizes and shapes...
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    Is it possible to make part of one generator part match the color of something else in another?

    I know that title is kind of confusing without context so lemme explain! I'm currently in the middle of making assets to create an anthropomorphic snake, and it's coming out really well so far (I've only done the face images, not the movement sprites yet). Anyways, I currently have two...
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    Basic Furry Assets

    I have further updated the files and added an avian beak!

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