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    Random Actor and Enemy Names

    This is simple yet it is very powerful plugin when used in a project. It lets you deepen the immersion so much! I highly recommend it. Nice work! :) PS. Thanks for adding the variable command.
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    NPC Name Generator Plugin

    Greetings, I decided to make a public post here to tell moderators and all possible other interested parties that you have resolved my request and solved my problem. And I must also point out that Feldherren's solution works like a charm. :) Thank you for your interest. Productive RPG making...
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    NPC Name Generator Plugin

    Greetings, I am making a semi randomized NPC generator to my project and it would help me a lot if someone with little coding skills could help me out. I am giving names from a specific pool of names to my newly generated NPCs by saving them in variables. I can do with RPG Maker and the...
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    Script call for using/activating an item

    Hmm. I see. I need to learn few things like how to actually check the database and replicate the effects. Which means basically everything I guess. ^^' Well I'll start going through the forums tomorrow. Too tired to do that now. Thanks! You have been most helpful.
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    Script call for using/activating an item

    True. I probably misunderstood something at first. As I said I'm quite new to this stuff. ^^' But I think I got the idea now- It requires a bit more studying the database and probably learning more coding, but I might get there. I must say I am intrigued, and the second option definitely is...
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    Script call for using/activating an item

    Thank you for the quick reply. ^^ Although I must say this is a let down, because I was planing on having loads of items player might want to put there. And this forces me to limit the freedom of the choice to only few items, or I might just put the most commonly used items to the hot keys...
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    Script call for using/activating an item

    I hope this is the right place to post this. :P I'm total newbie with coding, so I might be totally lost with this one. The problem I'm having is failing to find a script based command for using an item with ID X in RPG Maker MV. What I'm trying to do with this: My best guess is at the...
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    Terrax Lighting system

    Hey, I have done my best to figure out this on my own reading forums and trying out various things, but I could use your help Terrax. I have two issues using the excellent plugin you have created. 1. It does not seem to work for me, if I won't use a version of TerraxLighting (currently...
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    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    These are great! Many of them are really useful in my project. :D It seems you have a knack of making and editing nice sprites. Some thing I unfortunately lack. :/ So if you are up for it and have time I would really appreciate more animated boss and Daemon sprites, or sv-battle sprites...

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