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    RMMV Help with 2.5D / Isometric coverage (PVGames)

    OK.. looks like i have to build the maps arround those limitations then..
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    RMMV Help with 2.5D / Isometric coverage (PVGames)

    Thx for the reply, KNT_Editor is the Knight Editor (extension of Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads plugin) Yes i use pixel movement (Qmovement), the Problem with splitting the Bed into 2 parts will fix the 1st case.. but lead to another problem.. Ok there is a way to use events to change the layer...
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    RMMV Help with 2.5D / Isometric coverage (PVGames)

    Hello, i need some help with the coverage of objects in Isometric view using ressources like from PVGames. Is there a technique or plugin/tool to fix the following problem, or is this a limitation of the engine and cant be fixed ? Player ist covered by the bed when moving to the back right...

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