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  1. Mansion Oni

    Yeah, sorry. I removed it because all I received from other people was hate. People kept saying I completely copied Ao Oni, even though I didn't. So, I removed it from Newgrounds and ModDB.
  2. Mansion Oni

    Meant to reply earlier, but I forgot. :/ Thanks! I did feel like I rushed the game a bit. I only made this game in 3 days to finish it for the YouTuber who played the let's play for me. I was thinking about adding a little more decor into the rooms, but I felt like I was going to overdo it...
  3. Mansion Oni

    This is the first RPG Maker game I've ever published in public. If anyone would like to try it, feel free to here: Gameplay video (credit: StriHiryu):  Oscar, a seventeen year old high-schooler, heads into a mansion and he is doing a...
  4. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    Yeah, it most likely won't work. Plus, the tutorial is for Windows. I'm attempting to do this on a Mac (even though I'm more of a Windows person) because my Windows PC broke down a couple days ago but I was able to get the project on my Mac. Oh well, looks like that tutorial might not work...
  5. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    @Dad3353 Well, I was trying out the tutorial, and it wouldn't work. So you're right, it was out of date. The IT people at our school won't do anything, since they aren't going to unblock Terminal at our school. Unblocking Terminal means that we can unblock anything we want at our school...
  6. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    I checked it out, and it doesn't look too bad. However, I do all my game development on a school computer, so I can't use terminal and host from there. I tried downloading a terminal emulator and typing in the commands there, but it also didn't work. I'll just stick with Google Drive. After all...
  7. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    Okay, I'll probably just try out a couple ideas that come to mind when it comes to uploading the game on my website. I think Weebly is lacking in features like this. What do you make your website with? I might just make a new website and try out what you do.
  8. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    Alright, that somewhat makes sense. Then if I have all the content on a hosting website, what would I do? Make a text box, paste the share link, save, and then publish the website?
  9. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    Okay, with that said, would there be a way to work around it? Like what soɐɥʞpǝɹǝʇlıɥd said, I could be able to host it from Mega, MediaFire, or even Google Drive, and try and link it to the website...not sure how it would work, though.
  10. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    Weebly is able to store large files and host them without using a third-party hoster, such as Mega or MediaFire. I used to create Unity games and host them straight from my website.
  11. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    A Weebly website is simply put: A website created with Weebly. I understand what you say, but I cannot add a folder to the website. The only media options I have available for uploading the game is either via Flash or via File. Could I possibly zip the file and upload it via file from there...
  12. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    Hi, So I'm trying to upload my game onto a brand new Weebly site I've created, so I'm able to test games out on a website and possibly make a website for all my games to go on, besides downloading them and playing them. However, I'm stumped. So my question is, how do you deploy the game...
  13. Encryption features in old project

    Having this issue, too. Someone said this: A quick fix for games not working after being encrypted, in RPG_Core.js find the variable Decrypter.REMAIN and set its value as this: Decrypter.REMAIN = "0000000020"; I tried it and it didn't work for me. I wasn't able to find this line of code in...
  14. RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    Encryption doesn't work for me. I tried encrypting, all it did was corrupt all my game files and didn't even let me open them. The game didn't open because they were all broken. Please help.  Edit: Found the fix. Sorry. 
  15. Sprite Importing Issue

    Haha! Well it IS supposed to be a horror game.  I managed to get the sizing correct in the game. All of the animations from the Sprite sheet plus the animation speed worked like a charm!

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