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  • Foraged and dried candy cap mushrooms the other day. My room smelled strongly of maple syrup. 24 hours later, I'm just realizing my room smells intensely of black walnut. Volatile molecules are weird.
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    @BK-tdm All mushrooms seem to have crazy names. I like to imagine that they were given these names because they were used in practical jokes once upon a time. Sometimes the victim of your practical joke just ate a crappy, tasteless mushroom, other times they died painfully. xD
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    It plays well with sweet stuff and smells sweet. The name works well enough for me.
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    Oh yeah, I should have mentioned this: Candy made with candy caps exists. All you do is grind up the dried candy caps and fold them into the molten sugar before it solidifies. Boom! Maple candies made with mushrooms!
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"16. Do NOT contact other members by private message, on the forum or status feed, inviting them to put additional tools (such as leaderboards, ads, etc - whether yours or another person's) into their game."
Oh no. Necessity is the mother of invention. Do I want to know what happened?
Early WIP for my next entry. Since it's early you're going to need to wait a little longer than usual. What's that? You'll find out in my next update!
20 festive cards can now be unlocked in BiteMe!

The cards are permanent, but can only be unlocked in December!
Once the year is over, you won't be able to unlock the cards, or to upgrade it.
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