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    Change Tile Size

    Thanks for this comment! I gave this plugin a thumbs up, it mostly works for me. But what I liked about Shaz plugin was the scaling of paralaxes, since I extensively use those and don't actually use tiles. After seeing your comment I gave the old plugin a try and it actually works, so I can...
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    RMMZ Steam Greenworks plugin for MZ

    In case you haven't figured it out, or someone else is looking, I am pretty sure these are all scripts, so you have to use the script function and not the plugin command feature. Third tab, advanced "Script..." That said @Hudell thanks for the plugin and write up.
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    Triple Triad MZ

    It appears that mouse controls for the minigame don't work. I notice they do work in your MV version, were you aware of that?
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    Triple Triad MZ

    Typically you would just make the opponent they are facing use a different ruleset and that would force them to not use the most powerful cards because you would need to have a more tactical approach to win. The plugin allows for a few different modifiers and those go a long way in making the...
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #5: TPBS, A Closer Look

    the new battle system seems cool, cautiously excited for it. Now give me a couple of years to put it to use. ^_^
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    Being on a mac wouldn't make a difference (i run it on both). The only thing I could think of is walking through all the setup steps to see if something is not configured right for some reason.
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    That's awesome news! thanks @Doktor_Q
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    Bacon Quest VII has gotten an upgrade Available on Gamejolt and

    Bacon Quest VII has gotten an upgrade Available on Gamejolt and
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    This is one of the old files @Aulette To be honest not sure which version im using at this point so many different branches. Using an old version I was able to get this out over the weekend (mostly) Uses an older version of the plugin with Dr. Q...
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    Just remember to use the built in debugger (F8 on keyboard). It can help you in a lot of cases. In this scenario, i saw it could not load image 5_XXX whatever. Well my images were named 1_XXX. Then I realized I was using tileset 5 instead of tileset 1. Boom. Problem solved. Other times you...
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    EDIT: figured it out with the debugger. needed to have FPLE be first tileset. so far so good.
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    If anyone has issues with the plugin, remember to download the raw version. I forgot about this tip (from months ago) and had a plugin that wouldn't even give me help info and was about 8x the size it needed to be. ^_^ more updates to come will tinker this weekend. Thanks again to everyone that...
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    Does the updated plugin support having a sunlight? That was something I think the Doktor added to an unofficial update that I did like. The last time I was tinkering with it I used it for making some outside environments.
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    Wow, such great updates :) Alpha many ideas.

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