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    Keyboard Text Input

    I'm glad you found it useful! :)
  2. erpicci

    Keyboard Text Input

    Hello, thanks for spotting this issue. I updated the code and put appropriate links and credits in the original post. Now windows should be disposed properly. Thank you!
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    Keyboard Text Input

    Hello, sorry to have kept you waiting. Release candidate version 1.1 is available (check the first post), and it now supports setting window opacity via script call, as well as moving and resizing the window. To disable opacity, use this: config = config.opacity = 0...
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    Keyboard Text Input

    There is always room for improvement. I will consider adding some options to modify opacity. I'm quite busy today, so this may take some days, I hope you will understand. PS: Thanks Sixth for your support!
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    Keyboard Text Input

    Hello, yes, this is possible. You can have a script call my text input and store the result in a variable, then you can check the inserted text, for example with conditional branches. The code would result in something like: text ="Window Title") if text == "Who are...
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    Keyboard Text Input

    Thank you for using and enjoying this script  :) !
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    Keyboard Text Input

    Thanks for waiting, I updated the original post with the properly formatted code. I also added a link to pastebin. Hope you'll find the script useful  :) !
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    Keyboard Text Input

    Thanks for reporting this issue. I don't know how the code became so messed-up, it looks like all newline characters simply vanished. As soon as I find the original script on my computer, I'll upload it with proper formatting.
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    Seeking translators

    I can make an Italian translation, if you're interested. I'm an Italian native speaker, English is my second language and I would be fine with the $50 budget. Should you need more info or my references, please contact me (PM will do).
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    Keyboard Text Input

    Hello! Currently it is not possibile: text is displayed "as it is", so if no newline character is inserted, no newlines are created. A workaround is to insert a dummy character where you want a newline and have a script replace that character with a newline: variable ="Tell...
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    Keyboard Text Input

    Glad you found this script usefull. About your problem, although you already found a solution, it is worth saying that the easiest way to store a text into a variable is with: # This will put inserted text into variable 1 $game_variables[1] ="Tell me something") which...
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    Possible mechanic: offense is the best defense

    If I attack some Imperial Guard and hit his arm, then he won't be able to swing his sword properly with his wounded arm in the same turn. Seems legit! Moreover, I could keep on attacking his arm until it "permanently" breaks. But it could be frustrating when enemies do this on you, so I agree...
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    RMAKER in Javascript or Java

    Are you talking about having RPG Maker re-written in Java/JavaScript (yet working exactly as it does now, so with RGSS scripts) or about using Java/JavaScript scripts instead of RGSS? In the former case, I wouldn't see much difference, apart from porting on GNU/Linux :D In the latter... well...
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    3D vs 2D vs 2.5D

    I think 3D allows to insert some interesting effects in a [RPG] story. I'm not talking about special effects, instead... suppose your character is watching at something from a certain point of view. Then she moves and sees the same thing from a different point of view, this allows her to...
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    is generate dungeon any good?

    I usually don't, because when I create a new map (even if it is the humblest dungeon in my game), I always have something in mind. But that's not a general rule, I think it is ok to have some anonymous dungeons in a game, so generated dungeons would do. Everything depends on your tastes and needs.

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