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    Custom Icon Sheets

    anyone have this script? I cant seem to have a copy. i want to try this but the links are down. Thank you so much guys!
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    What is the feature in RPG that instantly makes you interested in trying?

    i want an rpg where i get to meet people, and help them. and they die, and then other people lives. yeah. it's tragic.
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    Hi i'm Ertyearth, i'm new to this :)

    Hi i'm Ertyearth, i'm new to this :) i really wanna learn how to create games,speacially rpg. i've tried Game Maker and Unity 5. They are ok though. but RPG maker is so user friendly.. we are already bestfriends.. I've started following tuts from Yanfly, theolize , Yami.. Venthros from...

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I need help on what I should add to this fighter game.
Should I add:
If you can come up with anything else let me know.
Final day of the kickstarter campaign and my team and I decide to cap it off by doing ... musical numbers online.

These are clearly definitely My People.
6 hours and 35 minutes until it is December first here :3
Spending the day doing concept art! It's so comfy! I'mma draw the full party and take it from there. Hope everyone else is having as good of a day!
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