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    Text Sounds: Yes or No?

    I know I have an easier time reading dialogue with sound and motion associated with it.
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    Weapons in a survival horror game

    @Bumblefish97, I'm not sure it's a good idea that the player should be able to kill most enemies. In a survival game, survival is the win-state rather than killing enemies. So, if you're going with breakable weapons, then my suggestion is that the question you ask is not "how many hits...
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    Forecasting Enemy Intent (Slay the Spire-like battle flow)

    I'd prefer a system in which I can learn enemy patterns and exploit them. Most players will learn enemy behavior patterns and which enemies to prioritize due to enemy damage output, debuffing, or healing through trial and error. In the end, the goal of turn-based battle is to have more...
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    I know goblins aren't real, but... there was a man at work the other day who I am sure has...

    I know goblins aren't real, but... there was a man at work the other day who I am sure has goblin ancestry.
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    Using MP universally, or strictly for magic skills

    The "magic" in MP is just flavor and it's flavor we're used to. It's a mechanic that makes certain skills more scarce than "Attack." So, I don't see much of a reason for MP to just be for magic over other skills. If the developer needs skills to be scarce, MP is a perfectly fine way to make...
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    Worldbuilding and Lore Discussion: Dragons

    Dragons are a metaphor for billionaires.
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    What do you think about Temporary Party members?

    I feel like "mercenary" is more interesting as a gameplay concept than a story concept. Maybe a mercenary actor's actions in battle could cost gold. If the player doesn't have enough gold for that mercenary to , they can't do anything with that actor and they just take up a slot. As for...
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    Balancing a game with only one party member?

    One word: COOLDOWNS
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    Older scripts that never made it to MV?

    Probably a few days late on this one, but I personally miss Galv's Army Manager on MV, which was really just a main menu for enormous parties and good for tactical battle systems.
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    Balancing a game with only one party member?

    I think crowd control is indispensable in asymmetrical battle situations. If enemies are going to need more than one "Fight" command to kill them off, the player would need a reliable means to keep other enemies locked down.
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    When I was in the military, I'd encounter all kinds of bits of information scrawled on the walls of porta-johns. Maybe you can have the player learn of treasures or of powerful monsters or useful NPCs by reading graffiti on the walls of outhouses.
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    One Time Chance Item

    Oh, you wanna pull another Zodiac Spear? Well, that didn't work out well when Square Enix did it on Final Fantasy XII. Permanently Missable Content is not fun. I highly recommend against it.
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    No, you're confusing her with Juana la Folle.

    No, you're confusing her with Juana la Folle.
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    Attachable Augments for Guns

    Stocks would affect the speed at which the weapon is aimed, so shorter stocks could affect speed with an accuracy penalty. However a shorter barrel would make a weapon that is less accurate at longer ranges but handle faster. Bullpup rifles have the action behind the trigger, making them...
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    How do you guys come up with fantasy names?

    I can only tell you what you shouldn't do. Try to avoid consonant-on-consonant contact. Compose your names out of syllables rather than individual letters. Names like Midna dont roll off the tongue as well as Midina.

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