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    RMMV [SRDude Engine]Range Error | Maximum call stack size exceeded

    I didn't use any comment codes or anything inside of the project, it's a scratch project with basic features though.
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    RMMV [SRDude Engine]Range Error | Maximum call stack size exceeded

    So i've scouted around on already existing threads regarding this error output but i didn't find anyone with a similar core issue. This is a completely new game with a fresh install, using only SRDude's plugins in the game and i keep getting this error, i've looked in the console and the error...
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    MJMJS-Basic Title Logo

    May i ask for the recommended dimensions for the logo? Can't seem to find that info anywhere. Really useful plugin btw! Edit: NVM i found a good dimensions. In case anyone else needs it, i used dimensions 500x200 And the Y Position: 150 The X Position: 400 Seems to center it perfectly fine.

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