I've made two finished RPGs since joining this forum.

Petal Knights, a magical girl game with traditional combat and exploration, plus a special dialogue system called Gossip! Episode One is complete and available to play, and clocks in at about 30 minutes. I worked on this game for over a year, and most of that time on Gossip, and I'm absolutely proud of what I've created!

My other finished game is The Rest Is Silence, a spooky, atmospheric title for the No Travel Game Jam. This one only took a couple of weeks to make, but I think I managed to deliver on the spooky atmosphere!
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Please checkout my game, Petal Knights, a magical girl RPG. It's got traditional combat and exploration, plus a special dialogue system called 'Gossip'. Episode One is complete, and should take around 30 minutes to play!


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I'm back from my visit to my family. Was really great to see them again after a year even if I had to get tested for covid for the visit.

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