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  1. Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    Hi Avery. I'm back again. I'm looking for a few styles of plated leg armor, similar to the images below (these are Old School RuneScape's inventory icons for bronze and iron platelegs) and I'm looking for a similar style as the MV RTP lacks any kind of leg armor except for the boots. If you...
  2. Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    Actually those are fantastic! Wow! Thank you very much Avery! I already use your iconsheet so I credited you already but I'll make sure to throw a special shout out to you! Thank you very much again!
  3. Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    The standard cloth doesn't show much. Having a piece of cloth that would be laid out, like it's about to get worked with. The style is good, just the visuals don't help me much. Each type of cloth (Linen, Wool, Silk, and about 6-8 others I haven't named yet) will be the basic materials for my...
  4. Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    Hi Avery! I love your icons and was wondering if you would be able to make MV icons that are easy to recolor (on the off chance I need to do so for my project) of cloth. The standard roll of cloth doesn't quite match what I need it for and Google turned up no results. So I need 1 or 2 styles...

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