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  • Finished typing a document describing all of the gameplay elements of this project. Now I just need to script it all together and create the resources.
    Thinking about how to use terrain tags to make some areas real isometric maps. (Real as in not "square tiles turned on their sides," but actually made up of diamond shapes with two 120-degree and two 60-degree internal angles. I'm having difficulty with the player-movement aspect of it.
    Reading Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby. Half through chapter 5 and pretty much understanding everything. This'll be very helpful.
    aaannnd, I like the illustrations :D
    Focusing on learning scripting so that I can implement an ABS with precise collision detection, and HUD, and party AI. It could be done with eventing, but it would take forever, and scripting is a useful thing to know, anyway. I'm wondering why VX Ace's scripts define Class methods, but then don't actually use them, but still seem to work, though.
    Decided to stop working on that August project because my main project is what I want to work on. I gained some great eventing and scripting experience from the August project, though, so my main project will continue more smoothly now, I think.
    Working on customizing the message windows for the August project. For some reason self.padding = 4 seems to just shove the top padding onto the bottom of the message window.
    Padding? :3
    Evan G.
    I think there's some other feature that I'm missing for the cutoff on the bottom of the window...
    Just need to implement the (very simple) HUD, and then the engine for my August contest entry is complete.
    Finished the ABS for the August Project. My main project's ABS will be much easier after this.
    Is there some kind of find and replace feature in VX Ace's Event Editor, because I could sure use one right now.
    That moment when you realize that the "simple" ABS you decided to design for your contest game is actually about 8 times as complex as the one you planned for your main project. It's actually quite relieving.
    Usually statements that start with "That moment" or "That Feeling" is usually something people can relate to. Guess not in your case.
    Finished the portraits and finished the August Contest topic. Just waiting for approval.
    Finally figured out how to event the ABS! I might be doing a game for the August contest while I work on more final story details.
    Trying to think of some way to simulate hitboxes in an evented ABS... I'm thinking of simply having a "Player X is attacking" and "Priority" variable that works with a conditional branch that occurs upon touching an enemy. Other flags that activate on attack can include attack properties such as knockdown, stun, etc.
    Evan G.
    So, if "Player attacking" and "enemy attacking" are both on, the one with higher priority wins out.
    Item and Clinic system is done as well. The only way to way to restore health is to recieve medical attention in a town. Items can, at best, restore stamina, which is used to perform pretty much every battle action. Dodging is extremely important, and the first few battles stress this by giving very little HP.
    Evan G.
    Game over also occurs if anybody in the party dies.
    Finished planning the ABS, including how it's going to be evented. Just need to create the resources and event it.
    Decided to event the ABS using Animations for player sprites, but I'll need to script in diagonal movement, which is apparently easy.
    Evan G.
    Skills are equipped in place of armor below weapons. There is no skills menu, which doesn't matter, as there are no healing spells.
    Almost finished planning how this ABS is going to work. Unfortunately, working it out in RPGMVX would be a pain, so I'm looking at other engines, and I've managed to find a couple that are more flexible.
    Evan G.
    I was actually looking at RPG Toolkit and Verge, but now I feel compelled to check out this Construct...
    Evan G.
    However, it seems that construct costs too much for a commercial license.
    Construct is good. But I haven't had the chance to play around with it since I had some kind of Direct X error with it.
    So, this is how I'm implementing gameplay directly with the story: Battle music and each member's capabilities slowly change as the story progresses. Instruments are swapped out, abilities are lost and gained, stats change, etc. I'll probably remove the level system entirely as a result.
    Evan G.
    Fighting stances and clothing also change. The way the BGM change works is that each playable member has two battle themes, the first slowly evolving into the second as their story progresses.
    Reynard Frost
    Reynard Frost
    Sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, but if you want to go through with it, God Speed.
    "My feelings of greatest awe instantly changed to admiration and a realization that something had been missing. It didn't hurt, though. That gap had already been filled by the man standing before me." And with that, we begin our story.
    Carillon Nightmares
    Carillon Nightmares
    It didn't hurt, though. That gap had already been filled by the man standing before me.

    Erm....suggestive. I would try to reword that, unless that's what you were intending. xD
    Evan G.
    The gap in question is Casmir's (speaker's) lack of a parent figure, which is something that he never felt was necessary before. The relationship that he shares with the man in the scene is actually 100% non-sexual, but it's going to be tough convincing people of that. FYI, I was aware of the unintentional subtext, but may or may not change it given how well it parallels a later scene.
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