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    Animated busts and picture based animations.

    Thanks very much for your reply! I am an artist so the assets won't be a problem for me, I am currently experimenting with a 'Metal Slug' style of artwork for possible inclusion into a game. I am gathering as much information about the potential of this MV engine as I can for now, which is...
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    Animated busts and picture based animations.

    Hi! I am new to MV, I only downloaded it on Saturday and have yet to even scratch the surface of the features. I am still researching plugins to see what others have created and this one in particular really interested me. I am wondering, and please forgive me if this has been asked before, do...

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aww man, color hex code #C4C4C4 doesn't work for the tint value in this scene I need something darker, which stinks just because I liked that one it was my favorite plastic explosive three times...#696969 (nice) should work better (WHY IS MY BRAIN LIKE THIS)
Tell it to me straight, doc. If I've been trying to piece together a "shorter" game to learn stuff outside of game jams... am I just running away from my WIP? :v
Well, I've got a party tomorrow, and my friends are coming over. I wanted to work a bit on the Fandom Scouts assets so I can be ready when that update arrives... in other news, Pizza Time Horror is getting a second teaser, and it shows Cabaret Helen's last performance before the location closed.
Also who used to be scared of Chuck E as a kid? I was! Now I love him!
The new cards and what they do:

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