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    RMMV New Game Force Save Slot

    Hi there. After 3 months using the RPG Maker MZ, I decided to continue my project in MV. My intention is to create a game with MMORPG feeling, so 1 save game + autosave. In MZ, the autosave plugin forces the player to select a SLOT whenever you decide to create a new game. So the restis up to...
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    Maliki's Mutable Items MZ ver 1.4

    Hey Maliki, I can't believe you actually did it. Thanks a bunch. The plugin is working wonderfully!!!
  3. evertonera

    Mutable Items

    Awesine Maliki79! Looking forward to that!
  4. evertonera

    TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    Hi. Can we get the link for the demo up? I can't seem to configure and make the plugin work. And this is one of the most awesome plugins for MV in my humble opinion.
  5. evertonera

    Mutable Items

    Hi. Just wanted to let you know the link is broken, unfortunately. I'd love to implement this system in my game.
  6. evertonera

    RMMZ Storage

    Hi guys. Since the last time I had asked for a system like MV's item attribute randomization (still no luck with that system. Even though we already have plugins that transform all items in the game into "uniques", nobody has managed to create the randomization whenever the item is acquired)...
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    RMMZ Item Random Attributes and Item Durability

    Hi guys. So here I go again, posting in hopes someone has found a way to do it. In RPG Maker MV, we have the amazing plugin that makes all items unique items (they can't be stacked). With this, we can randomize the values of our weapons and armors, making each item unique. Let's say, for...
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    CGMZ Title System

    Wow, I'm so so sorry. For some strange reason, that's what happened. I changed to another map (I was trying with the same tileset map) and I got the same error. I created a new map from scratch, and it worked. Sorry to bother @casper667 Your plugin is working amazingly well! It adds so much...
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    CGMZ Title System

    This is an awesome plugin, unfortunately, I think it's incompatible with VS Core Everytime I try to start a new game, I get this error
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    Minimal Windowskin

    Hey @Dororo , i'm passing by to say I love it. Congratuations on your work. I use a pixel font and this window skin is just perfect. Thanks a bunch!
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    STV Plugins - CraftSystem

    Hey @Cimmantti , I guess you could try playing around with the actual JS file. You could open it using the windows notepad. I'd recommend making backups. So if you want to remove the Weapon/Armor scene, try to look for these words in the notepad and see what can be done. Maybe erasing some...
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    STV Plugins - CraftSystem

    Guys, since he is not responding, the plugin is working perfectly here, except if I try to change the crafting speed through the command <craftspeed:20> If I put other values rather than 50, 150, 200, I get the same errors as you mentioned before. Other than that, working perfectly fine.
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    Akea - Battle Camera

    Great news! Keep working hard Gabe, you are represeting the brazilian maker community! Valeu, abraços!
  14. evertonera

    Ignis Smooth Camera Slide

    The plugin is working perfectly now! The switch command is amazing. Whenever I want to show off a map using Scroll Map option, I turn on the switch from the plugin, and the movement is awesome. Right after scrolling the map, I turn it off again and the camera smoothness is back to working...
  15. evertonera

    Ignis Smooth Camera Slide

    Tried both ways, turning on and off the switch. Still no success. Also tried to find in the javascript a place where it says something about a switch, but couldn't find it. The only problem so far is with the Scroll Map option. It doesn't matter how many pixels we put so that it scrolls to the...

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