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    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    You can't do this. Your overriden method doesn't know the local variable: value. You probably need to read more about aliasing, because it seems that you don't understand what is happening there. A workaround for this could be to alias the make_damage method on your @result variable class and...
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    Adding New ImageManager Entries to Display Portaits in Windows

    I had the same problem: Nobody has answered my questions, but I figured it out by myself. The graphics are loaded asynchron. Look at the Bitmap class. You can see that the class has an isReady...
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    Select Function problem

    You can use the filter function: What do you mean with how to address game troop enemies?
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    Each Method?

    members.forEach(function(enemy, index, members){ wereforms.push(enemy);})
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    Making Filenames in JS

    This will check if savefile with ID exists: DataManager.isThisGameFile(ID);Look at the DataManager and StorageManager classes in the rpg_managers.js file, to see how it works.
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    Need some help understanding drawing in windows

    Hello, I made a basic window which I have added to Scene_Map. This window draws a face of an actor and some other information about the actor. Now when I start a new game the information of the actor is drawn without a problem, but the face is not drawn at all. When I go to the menu and back...
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    Game Loop

    Thanks to everyone. This has helped a lot!
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    Game Loop

    Can someone explain me how the gameloop works? How perfomant is it? I see that it has something to do with the requestTick method which is called every time the calculations for a frame are finished, right before the tickEnd method. Thanks 
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    How do you debug your plugins?

    Does this mean you can use es6 features?
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    Gameus' Quest System

    I think he is using visual studios gui builder.
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    How do you debug your plugins?

    Haha how could I missed F8 :D Thanks to all of you for the infos. 
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    How do you debug your plugins?

    Hello scripters, I'm interested in knowing how you debug the plugins you create. It seems that the new maker has no console, so where are the console.log() calls printed? I'm really grateful for every response!
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    the use of "class" in JS

    This is ES6 Standard, I doubt that the maker will use this. Its to new.
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    Are there any new news on the release date? 

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